I never really thought i wuld be blogging one day :P…Coz i have simply read some blogs and never thought about having one of my own…Just that a friend of mine showed me his blog so i thought why not give it a try…Simply coz i loveee writing…Writing random stuff n expressing my views n madness…Or simply just making it special for friends :)…..

So here i am…Ankita Garg , student of Rayat n bahra institue of Engg. biotechnology…Am studying ECE n just gonna enter into d 2nd year…Guess real ECE will start now coz the actual subjects will come now..hehe…Rite now on vacations from college so chilling till so late :P…Yea my session starts 18th August….My college is basically abt 1.5 hrs frm home so loads of travelling everyday…Ohh how culd i forget I am frm Chandigarh -City Beautiful :)…I loveeeee my city !!

More about me..My nickname is Anku so yea my close frnds n family ppl call me that 🙂 :P…I simply love cute stuff…D stuff tht makes me go awwww :”>…D stuff tht makes me say choo chweett it is..Im a type of ambivert but very extrovert wid ppl im comfortable with..And introvert wid ppl i dunno so thts me…I can be n usually am very SHY as a person :”>…lolll…Yea so i blush a lot..That shuldnt be mistaken for sm othr reason but the truth is just tht m just shy shy..I loveeeeeee my friends a lottt 🙂 >:D< n my family too…I have a younger bro about whum i care a lot :)…My parents yea i love dem…Not tht i never argue hehe…But yea i care about them a lottt…Love my cousins and some of my relatives 😛

That was some part of me…A lot is left n ill make sure i keep blogging n sharing my views on various subjects…If not for others to read..Atleast for me lyk when i am 10 years from here…I wuld just simply smile reading my blog :)…This is like a online treasure for ME…Take care n Keep Smiling…Coz SMILE does wonders 🙂 🙂

Loads of love n care