Yeaaaa the last 3.5 months n more have been totally Crazyyy !!…Rite from April 14th till July 28th…Coz my friend Eksoo/Ekta was here in India :)…I just know her thru dis virtual world thts net n yea thru fone too…But i consider her as one of my closest friends :)…And tomorrow (literally today)she is going back…Waaa i knw i surely knw she will go bck home n log in to chat…But still am sad..Prolly coz it was fun to pull her leg and make new plans to just tangofy her πŸ˜›

So now as she will come back…Finally will be again here on chat till late hours..We owls n our owl gang :P…Grand welcome is needed for this sweet friends so I wanna welcome her back thru my blog πŸ˜› ..Yea a New way na >:D<

” Welcome Backkk EKSSS “

There have been masti happening rite from the time she came here…From making her fool to pulling her leg to ummm randomly bak bak karing abt random stuff was our main agenda πŸ˜› :)..Talking on d fone for long hours smtyms for like 3-4 hours or more n yea on sms for d whole day…Haha still we had loads to talk yea smtyms i wuld be off mood so my eksoo wuld cheer me up…Sumtyms i wuld shout sumtyms she wuld shout..Once a while i wuld pull her leg n d other while she wuld…I always shared n told her everything-be it silly funny stupid embarrasing or weird…I wuld always say eks i m nt going to tell u dis…Its embarrasing yaar…Im nt telling any1 and she wuld just say just tell me..u have to tell me and dunno how i just told her everything…Dunno but i never felt more comfy like whum i wuld say anythng..Even if i had to say eks i wore wrong shoes or i wanted to say eks i want to kiss a cat…I knw i can be a child wid her coz she just understands me so well πŸ™‚ :)…

Ummm what else i wanna say…yea i fixed her wid her two twins…I am sure she remembers well and will do so for life :P…Even when she was gonna go (yea yea 😦 ) i didnt stop hehe…I knw i can be a devil at times..Actually eks beleives i am a devil at ALL times :@…Sometimes she calls me lil devil…haha…But hey wht am i writing…I had to actually tell about the masti na…ufff :

When eks entered india she faced loads of pranks..hehe..To name a few..Me msging her a very ahem alag sa bday msg frm my bhai’s cell…Me giving dis idea to sree di to call eks from her landline n changing her voice…Mwuahaha scaring eks…N loads of dis type…Which im sure eks enjoyed loads n me toh totally enjoyed myself πŸ˜› :D…And yeaaa d best part is still left..haha how i told off eks tht ohh my mom is going out n is taking away my fone..Just 1 day bfore her bday i.e 19th April..Lolll n i appeared soo sad at the thought of it..She was like aww anku its ok baby n sorts…mwuahaha and then at around 11:30pm i msg her saying tht anku told me to msg her…Tht was a u turn sweet one wala msg*haha yea i hv a gud memory :P*…But then at 12 i msg her Happy bday frm Anku’s mom….lolll it was fun n then i called her up saying Happy bday beta..hahahahahahah was it funnnnn…This year we had a bday shout out show for Eks *yayyy* tht ws pretty much loads of fun…Also we had a general bday post for her *which me ishh made for her wid loads of love*…Uske pehle we had an intro post like on whose bday is it ^^guess guess^^ type thingie…loll…And not to forget d essay thingie…Haha essay on @@eksowl@@..Everything turned out to be soo soo gud ++but yepp eks still has to see all of we are w8ting for her response..loll++

Now the D Day had gone so wat was left…Nuthing just random stuff…Which kept on going as i kept telling her whts happening n she wuld get shocked or get happy or just have a : face or just shout….hehehe…And so many tyms we wuld just stuck up talking till like 4 am..Yeaa we have done tht…I knw sounds madnessss like when u r literally on d fone for a major part of d day but still on d fone till so late…But wahtttttt to do :?…And d most common words used were nalayak nikammi n such sorts :L..Ohh and we were on sms till she was in d plane..haha yea yea i knw its funny bt true πŸ˜›

Now coming to the most interesting part of this post…How miss eks-the highness wuld sleep in the middle of the talk…n if u say eks okay we will talk 2morrow now u sleep then u get such a gud sweet reply…Arrey tu bol na,im listening :} :..U will keep on going on n on but on d other end sum1 is sleeping *wooooooo* so yea ull say eks eks eks eks eks n u get 1 reply haan..Thn u think someone is listening but yea u r Highly mistaken ^^huhahoooo^^…Finally when u r totally fed up after like talking to urself for 30 minz or so u will say byee eks gudnyt now u reli need to sleep :@ :@…And huhhhh u knw why dis happened…coz miss eks wuld lie down n talk and ultimately sleep…Smtyms wid d Tv ON **wooo wooo yeaaa true**…Quite a few times i hd to literally instruct her to take d pillow blah blah blah n switch off d lights n tv n sleep :>..And how missieee wuld never agree n say ‘nahin anku maine sab suna’…But this was surely an experience of its own kind πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Many thinngs happened tht made me realize what true friendship is…Not that i didnt knw ^^ee eee i knw very well wht frndship is^^…But the true n deeper meaning :>…What a strong bond is πŸ™‚ :)..Maybe i wuldnt have realized coz aisa situation aata hi nahin aur ager aata toh aisa solution nai aata :}…Made me realize how things can be so different n how one goes thru tough times..And its one’s friends whu support U n take care of U :)…Loads of lessons learnt loads of emotions overflown..Now as eksoo has gone back so dis style of things wun be dere but stuff will be in a diff. way…But yea memories stay n will stay forever…Maybe thts why i hv written all of it or say most of it here..Coz its a welcome plus a bank of all d memories…My fond Memories…Ager kabhi kuch bhool bhi gayi this will make me remember :)…Loads of stuff i wrote still so much more to write…haha i knw i cn never just not stop :P…So hugssss eks for making these 3.5 months memorable for lots of ppl…Not only me but many others too :>…Welcome again n tonnes of care πŸ™‚

Signing off..

Love n hugs,
Anku/Ankita πŸ™‚