“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you…but trusting them not to”

Love..I knw it stays in our life frm birth till death,we love sumone or the other..We get love and in return we give love..Sumtyms we give love and its never returned..Just depends on the person and the situation…Our family n friends receive our love and give us love..But the love which im talking about here is a different Love..Its the love we give to our lover,our bestest friend our closest friend our life n our everything..We are so much much in love with that person that we have full faith full trust in him/her :))..

I have never been in such love but yea heard read n stuff so have quite a lot on insight into it :)..This quote surely describes what True Love is..I got it from smwhere and just thought -Hey that can be my next post :>…When we love someone we dunt see what we are telling them..There may be some secrets of our life we have never shared with anyone but yea we will share with our love..And we will beleive and trust them that they will not go round the world telling our secrets..I knw we do share our secrets with our close friends but with our love we wuld share the secrest which we always wanted and had thought wuld be with us only…We would even be ready to tell them our mail password knowing they wuld never misuse it…They wont mistrust us or be jealous even if we have mails from our ex..Or do anything that would harm us :)…Thats the power and trust of love..

Love is an eternal feeling..True love is hard to find but its a blessing :}..So just find ur partner-the person who will be the world to u..U will feel complete even when u are alone..Everyone get their true love one day..Its just the matter of time..Find ur true love soon coz soulmates recognize each other..Because they are destined to be one 🙂 🙂

Love n hugs