“Some Friendships may surprise you, so never hesitate giving it a TRY “

Friendship is an integral part of everyone’s life. Right from childhood, we make friends  to share and care. We share most things with our good friends and share everything with our best friends :). Somebody asked me a question sometime back – Should we have just 1 or 2 Best friends? This question took me to the world of thoughts and I kept thinking. It’s a pattern for people to just be open with their besties and not try sharing things with just the good friends..

But imagine that your best friend is not with you for some reason. They are busy or cannot be contacted at that moment. Will u just sit and cry and not tell anyone else. You will wait for your best friend to come and comfort you ?? Just think about it. Why not give it a try, and tell your problem to some other friend and see if they can comfort you. You might feel – Oh i can feel fine only with my best friend but you may be proved wrong. I’d say never stop yourself from giving it a TRY!! You never know your friendship with some other friend might just surprise you. It might just turn so very comfortable for you. All it needs is having confidence and trying it out !

I have experienced such encounters personally so i wanted to write about this. I always had just like some very close friends with whom i shared my feelings when i was sad. The  happy things were shared with everyone but when it was the low phase, i would just keep it to myself and wait for my close friends :]. But as i shared what was bothering me with a good friend, i felt better. It didn’t seem as though anyone else was needed. Her thoughts comforted me, put me at ease and gave me a new insight. I am glad i took a chance because i knew i had found another diamond.

 Try not judging your friendship. Like don’t think ohh !! this person cannot make me feel better. Life is just about trying and since friendship forms a major chunk of our life, don’t hesitate to try. If it doesnt happen once, do not stop trying. Because life is all about never trying and not stopping after a failure. Just go on!!. Try to open up and have the confidence in your friendship. It won’t ever let you down and even if it does, it’ll teach you a lesson and leave. Stay Happy and stay friendly 🙂