As it turns dark, most of the people doze off to their beds..But some are weird or say quite different..They are d most active when its dark..One of the examples is an owl..Its an animal which is super active at night and on the same lines is one more creature, thats ME ;)..I love to sleep late or say i am most active at night :P…Usually people study early morning, try to sleep early when its an off or start their day early..But i am exact opposite :P..

This habit,i got umm in my 10th std..Sometimes i used to study till late in 10th std..But it was not like regular or u knw till very very late..And my last board exam yea and what i was doing -watching tv till soo late..And then i saw Omggg !! Kumkum comes at 1 am…So yea i wanted to watch the repeat and lil bit of my sleeping late habit developed..And it just grew with time..I got loads of my online friends and we used to be just chatting the night away :P..

I finallyyyy entered a new club-The owl’s club :D..Ohh look who was the head or u can say founder…Mee yayyy !!! Because i got many of friends to sleep late and just do masti..U know leg pulling types hehe..And now last year college started so 1st sem i did continue my gud habit of being an owl..But sad i could not continue in the 2nd sem :(..Started sleeping early because it used to be tiring :P..But yayyy vacations came in between and same old golden days…I remember when the sardar of owling club started sleeping early.the club was so deserted..It was kinda so boring for everyone and it was almost heading towards an end..But yayy now i sleep quite late..Being an owl to the hilt 😀

And i really donot mind me being called an owl..Because i know i am one..So all of you there if u wanna sleep late,donot hesitate..It is not much of a bad habit infact its fun :P..To be wide awake when the worlds sleeping :”>…Oh u feel like a king/queen..Everything is so calm and quiet..Lovely atmosphere around with nobody to disturb,nothing to rush..Just relax and chill..Now that was some insight into my life..How i am in real..Its funny i knw but yea its ME !!

Hope this continues like its fun to be sleeping late :)..Happy Owling!!
Love n Owls