This is a just one of those random posts..Just my views on the latest movies i watched..Its like i saw Jaane Tu ya Jaane na twice (once with my friend and once with family), Kismat Konnection with my bro and Vivaah on my lappie alone :)..Just wanted to share my few cents on these..Starting with the latest movie first 😛 ..

Kismat Konnection-There was so much of hype even before the movie released..But it was just okay..Like i lovee Shahid so i wanted to watch the movie :P..If we see that aspect movie was fab..Coz his dressing style in every scene was different and so excellent :”>..It was not just one style of clothes but a variety..He surely knows how to carry any outfit :)..The songs were gr8 and the locales terrific :)..Didnot enjoy the chemistry between Shahid Vidya and story was somewhat the same..But one can always go once to watch the movie for yea some reasons i mentioned 😉

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na-Movie of the year..Thats what i would call it..One of the most simple but brilliant movies is what it was :)..It depicted the journey of friendship to unseen love to realzizing the true love :)..Which most of the young people can relate to..A sweet story embedded with loads of stories and some comical elements..The music was great and costumes -the usual teeny stuff..Fun n surprise element was kept throughout the movie :>..Both the new actors did a brilliant job with it and rest everyone was brilliant too..Rats n meow (cute names na;-) ) -Im sure many of them exist in this world too :)..This movie must have made them realize..This flick is a marvel..And it surely impressed the audiences to the core !!

Vivaah-Another flick i just adore and love..One of the reasons if ofcourse Shahid..Apart from it the innocence of the movie :”>..Its such a cute flick u cannot resist watching it..Its a very simple story and just nothing so special but the way its presented is just so touching..It touches ur heart like how love can be so pure so much feel :)..The locales or costumes are nothing too great but still the movie appeals you..It tells u how even arrange marriages can be so sweet so cute so romantic :P..There is no heavy dose of romantic moments but still u feel the romance u feel the feelings run thru you :)..Only negative thing was some songs..But surely a movie to watch out for sure anyday anytym !!

That were my views on the latest 3 movies i watched..Will come back once i watch some gud ones again :P..I guess all three movies will be close to my heart always..Coz they had something unique about them which touches the heart :)..

Signing off now,

Love n films,