“Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver”

Promise..What does this word mean to you??Does it mean sticking by what you said..Or it means making the promise and forgetting it unintentionally..Or does it mean you intentionally wanna forget about it..Or it means making a promise just for the sake it and not actually meaning it..Or does it mean not at all beleiving in this word..

I know its different for different people in different situations..As for me,like all humans i behave differently with the same word at different times :)..Promise is when you tell someone that you will abide by something and you actually do..Well it takes a big deal to remember all the promises and a greater deal to abide by our words :)..

There have been many promises i made that i think i know..But there are many others which i genuinely donot remember :(..But for me,i always try to abide by what i said..But there do come some circumstance when i just cannot stick to what i must have said..I know its wrong but situations make us helpless..There must have been times i must have broken a promise because i was angry or hurt..Its just that the other person duty too comes when the promise has to be fulfiled..The other should and has to know..Whether he/she is the same(as a person) and whether the whole relation with the person you expect the promise to be fulfiled is the same :)..

Just think about these which i am sure everyone can relate to..You promised your friend that you’ll be friends forever..Due to reasons you are no longer friends..Where does your promise go?..You fall in love with a person and promise to be together for all your life and beyond..Differences creep in and you break up..Now where did the promises go?Guess theers just One answer to these..There are some things in life which are not in our control..But one should always try to revive and if nothing works best is to just leave them and go with the flow 🙂

So,I would say promises zarur kero..And always try to stick to what you said..In situations you are helpless do try to make the other person understand..But if they are not kept donot just blame the person..Do look inside YOU too !! 🙂 🙂

Love ya