I never knew what a crush was until quite late :p..Always thought of it as something different from what it actually is(which obviously i am not writing because its embarrasing :p)..Maybe i might have had crushes but never knew ‘the term’ :]..Now coming to what a celebrity crush is..Its when Anku goes crazy after a celeb..Not for a famous Filmstar like most of people have..But a cute face (I like cute guys more than others :>) who was at that time somewhat not veryy popular..But He just stuck my dil :P..And now when i think back..He was officially my 1st Celebrity Crush..He is none other than ‘The’ Husein Kuwajerwala :]
(‘The’ term says it all..He is a big man today..A busy famous dude who is just at the top)

So i started liking him more as a character ‘Sumit’ of Kumkum fame..But gradually when i came to know about him i started liking him as an actor,Husein himself :)..There was a time when i didnot even know his name,just his character made me crazy :p..And i was new to internet and started searching about him and got some great pics and info..Now i was coming to know –The Real Husein..As time passed i started knowing more and more..From reading all his interviews to collecting his pics from net and magazines ,newspapers to interacting with some of his fans..That was what i started doing after i read about some grp in a magazine dedicated to him :)..Interest kept growing and so did my craziness..What all i did is not even something i would like to mention here coz it was so much of maddening stuff :P..

Now more than 5 years have passed omgg yeat it has..And theres a difference of the crush intensity..In the mid years i had got just too too crazy..Guesss that was over the top :p..But now i am more calm and in control (acting as if i ran away from an asylum :P)..Now i would smile if he gives an exceptionally gud performance..I would get mad when he does some stupid adds (goshh how can i forget tha harpic add..haha)..When i read that he is sick or see how he has lost all his muscles and looks like a skeleton,I just wanna go and tell him how much health is important..Nothing else is gonna be with u(Just like my bhai is a skeleton and i tell him give him lectures..Same way i feel but ofcourse not as a sissie concern :P)..Get literally mad when his attire shirts are not something he looks gud in to my eyes..Ofcourse he wears gud stuff but ermm (leave it anku else u will write an essay on costumes :p)..Just clutch my teeth when i hear he is in kolkata(ahhh i knw how much i dislike this place)..And when now i hear he is dancing or coming in a show i am in a fix..I have watched sooo much of his dance that i am lil bored somewhat..But i know i wunt be able to resist withut seeing him so i sooo soo wish that he dosent dance for a lil period of time..This also happened when he did an overdose of anchoring :..I know its like demanding too much from god..But yea his life so how can i even decide..Just hope thats what a fan can do :p…Oh and the journey still continues with lil of my stupidity 😀

There have been sooo many actors who came and went..I had my crushes on like so many..Thought that someone would be stable but i was and am always proved wrong..None of them stays..They are there for a moment and they vanish :[..I would start watching a show and like the actor but heyy i just cannot conitnue :O..After sometimes interest just goes and my crush just crushes somewhere..And if it comes to Kumkum,I would not watch for a long time during college days but just have lil idea about whats happening..When holidays (althu we have like very lil) come i would again watch it with much interest..This undying interest in just 1 show from like 5 years surprises me soo much..I have not had interest of 1% in any other soap in all these years..Ofcourse some reality shows come and go but this remains…

I know crushes come and go..But this one is just so stable :O..Times come when i dislike him to the core thats when my crush intensity declines totally..But it rises..Even when it has declined,he is still there is some corner of my heart :)..I would still care but the difference would be i wouldnt show and would just be shouting on his pic :p..And again he enters with some force..Its like theres a bandhan or past life rista seriously :S..With the events that happen( I wuld want to mention sometime else)..Am always confused with it :S…I dunno if i really wanna get over this crush… As they say 1st crushes are always special :)..Generally people move on, althought they remember their 1st crush..But guess im still stuck ;)..Lets see whose strong enuf to break apart the walls my crushie ji has made in my heart..Many tried and err..Although now there are some who have stuck the chords *ahem shahiddd :D*..But guess they will also have to make seperate walls as my crushie ji donot seem to vacate his place :p..And maybe my heart is now so used to Husein that it dosent want to let him go..For me my 1st crush will always be special and yea most probs will be with me for a major part of my life :]

That was an embarrasing post..To some extent but yea it okay as its just a part of my life :p

Love and Errr..

P.S…Wowiee am posting it on 8/8/08 at 8 am 😀