Confused about what CS is *wondering*..I would have reacted the same if i didnt had this subject in college..It stands for Communication Skills..Had this in my 2nd semester of 1st year and trust me it was pure ‘Fun :D’..Its all about the way you speak,write,speak etc..Most of the students just hate the subject because they find it really boring :[..As for me,the lectures ofcourse were just fine..Because all theory so it wasnt that exciting..Although the whole concept of such a subject-‘I loved it’..It can make you realize your worth and build up your confidence as well :)..I am not gonna talk about cs lectures *which had easy stuff but too difficult to retain..Mann i was up till ike 5 am to study for it :O*..But i will talk about my favouritesttt CS labs 😀 *dreamss*..Before i forget lemme name the CS teacher i had.. >> Ms. Daljeet Mann <<

The first day of our CS lab and we were told to introduce ourself in front of the whole group..Was i scared or wat..Totall nervous as to how to face eveyone..English was not a problem-thanks to my chatting 😛 and ishpecial friends *huggss*..But facing people sure was one Bigg problem..But i managed somehow :D..As these labs passed on,i just loved them more..We had this Mock dialogues thingie which was sooo awesumm :D..I guess im gonna scan those papers and put them safely with me :)..Then there was ‘The Bestestttt Part of CS- GD’s’..Gd’s are group discussions wherein there are about 10 students and you discuss a topic..I actually never knew about them until now ;P..Mann i never had more fun in labs..We had loads and tonnes of Gd’s..Like on Love Marriage vs Arrange Marriage,Old songs vs Remixes,Gandhigiri etc etc..I always used to take part very actively..Used to just go on (coz i love talking ;p anything and everything)..Sometimes even became the leader which was fun *hehe*..Then we had this Mock Meeting *yayyy*..It was fun or wat..I remember nobody was getting a theme and i came up with covering an awards thingie..Yayy man coz i am so fascinated by media :P..Now i had to become the secretary waaa noting down the minutes..And yayy our theme was appreciated and it went really well :]..Woaaaa i knew i can speak..Actually i never thought i can but this told me i can :D..Now coming to one more interesting thing of these labs..When we got free time how we used to have masti :D..Talk around and pull each others leg..The funny part when we used to munch on something :p..Used to have fun when we went to have water *hehe*..Something scary too happened..We had to write an apology letter because we bunked :O..But overall it was all just experience of its own kind :]

It was the end of semester and we had files to made..I had so much fun working for the images for CS activity file :P..Worked for them on my psp till like 4 am but yea i lovedd my file with all those.. Then yeah we had to do this presentation and a report :>..I was soo damn excited because i love such sorta work :p..My Topic was BPO’s in India..I did extensivee research on the topic from ever possible site and collected probably all the informantion that was there..Before that presentation had to be given..I always liked working with pc stuff but i had somewhat forgotten powerpoint..Still i tried and came out with a gud one *me was proudd of myshelff ;p*..Showed it to my friend and she told me to make a few changes and finally the day came..I added and removed stuff but was not nervous at all :)..I didnot even cram anything for it but just read the slides once and thought yea i can speak this all..I guess because by now i had enuf knowledge of the topic..The whole thing went well *except from the dupatta that was just swinging in the air :@* *yea this was the 1st time i wore a suit on a normal colg day :”> *..Gave my report and it was fine..Had my externals and they went well..I knew all the questions :D..

Now this thought was creeping in..I am so gonna miss CS..Actually as semester finished i used to think ahh when will we have those labs :[..I actually missed it the most during xams..Mad i know but errr there was this one day when i missed them the most..But then again we had these summer training classes..There we had some presentations by our teacher which i reli enjoyed..It was on ‘soft skills’ and most of the students around me were bored while i actually had keen interest..I could actually see my worth 😛 (I know its kind of praising myself but truly i culd see i do have something :P)..Loved the way our teacher gave the whole presentation :)..Err now the most shocking surprising tiring part of CS summer training..

Making of a presentation in just 1 day..Like we had our vivas and we are told to submit the reports next day :O..It was to be done in groups but i was fine with it :P..Because i knew i could manage very well..I solely made the entire report on Tv Industry **sighhh i could include my some of my favourites :p**..I guess i could manage well because i knew how to go about and yipeee i was done..Although i was bit :@ coz i had to do it all alone..But yea it turned out to be gud..And now no more CS :[..I always wanted to tell my teacher Thanks but goshh i was soo shy :/..Even typed out a whole msg but again i didnot know how to go about..Guess this is a better medium for me as i can write very easily and honestly 🙂

I just wanna thank my teacher for such a wonderful time..Her lil ways of cheering up everyone (like when she told gud and bad qualities of each..Ahhh i a super obedient :s or was it over sensible..Damn i donot remember but it meant i would be tensed if my work is not done 😛 )..A heartfelt Thanks for the wonderful feedbacks you gave to each one of us :)..They actually meant a lot atleast to me..This is a post just to show my gratitude towards our teacher..Ofcourse its for me too as a sweet memory..For years to come :)..And surely CS lab was the most cherished one of my 1st year labs..Ahhh gonna remember them for life 😀

Loads of Love and memories,