Seeing little kids go to school..What a view it is :)..Bags on their shoulder and dressed in school uniforms wait for their school buses..While i wait for my college bus i see them, and just think about my school days..They surely were Golden Days of my Life 🙂 :)..Everyday getting up early was a bit difficult but the thrill ,the good time at school would just make up for everything :)..Sitting in 1 single room and classes almost continuosly, still it was fun..A small break almost half as now in college but that also would be so enuf and cool :>..We would play our pranks or tease in that time only or in those 5 minutes we got in between the classes :P..I have done my schooling from 3 schools..Was in Lotus Public School till i think u.k.g, moving on to First Step Montessori School till 5th std and finally Little Flower Connvent School till 10th std..My 11th and 12th basically went on tutions so had just lil fun whenever went to school then 🙂

It was all so sweet and wonderful because we were Kids..And kids are just so innocent..They donot do anything out of selfish nature or jealousy :)..They have their pure hearts-thats why its said nobody can match the school friends :>..The preperations of the festivals,the contests and spending cosy time during Annual meets is just so so unmatchable..And our best period was-Libraryyy !! Yayyy :P..It was soo much fun because we would never be reading books but yea had fun..Haha our teacher Kirti ma’am ( i guess) used to be so mad at us…But would we listen..Nops..And when we felt like not attending a class we would go to the library saying we have some work..Did this especially in 10th std..haha was funn 😀

Now my last year at school-My 10th std was totally memorable and loads of fun..We always used to just continuosly chat in our hindi period haha..Because we had finished our course long back and it was just revision..Our teacher would ask 4 of u (crime partners hehe) which page number..And we would just look at each other :P..haha those were mast times..And our english class..How we used to sit at the last and also have filled in slam books in that period..hehe we were awesum na..And geography how our class would always ask for free lecture..It was just so gud and ya how we all would score baddd in geography map tests :P..Even if we would copy there was nothing coz nobody knew anything..haha

My last days in school are still so cute if i think of them..I still have my 10th std class pic in a photo frame decced on my tv :>..Sometimes when i have a look i just :)..And the last day of school how the whole day we were crying :))..When finally the time came to go we never wanted to..Such an irony-always we would wait for the chutti time and today we never wanted the school to end..It was raining heavily and even after coming home tears flowed..Why??Because the feeling had yet to sunk in that we had to leave our dear school..And now when i get to talk to my school friends i am just overwhelmed :D..But sometimes feelings are not the same because we are Humans afterall..We always tend to Move On !!

Today i go to college..Whats left is MEMORIES 🙂 :-)..And will always be there for me..I still lovee my school because it was The Best..People enjoy you school days because they will never return !!

Miss my school..It will always be dear to me 🙂

Love and memories