Yes its gone !! Our Santro zing is not with us now :(..Yest. thats on August 22nd,2008 a car just hit her while it was on the road..Sum person dragged it till a distance and it just climbed a divider..Waaa the whole back part ws crushed and touched the rear seats..The person responsible was proabably drunk and he paid and they took the car..My baby zingie went away from our family on her 5th Birthday..August 22nd,2003 we had got her and in 08 she is gone..Wat a miracle or luck or god’s hand that it went exactly after 5 years …

^^It looked exactly like this and looked soo cute when it stood in front of my house..Ahh i loved the sony music player in it and the LCD..I actually had a bond with her and was so attached to it..When i heard this i was very sad and even cried..But thank god my parents were safe..Nobody was in the car..I actually got so terrified but yea the whole situation was so..And as my mom says our zingie was soo faithful,it just took all the pain to itself i.e nobody was in the car na..It was my cutieee and will be in my heart..I just feel an empty space when i see no silver zingie around..

Hope it will be fine with its new people..Its kinda funny as in addressing it with she but yea it was our car na..It was always gr8 to travel in it with all the fantastic stuff in it 🙂

Loved my car :)..

Love n memories