"The Entangled Heart"

I watched Bachna ae Haseenon and enjoyed it to some extent. But 1 question popped in my mind. Are guys really like this?? The character of Ranbir Kapoor potrayed in it completely leaves one stunned. I always thought i know a bit of physchology of guys *thanks to the innumerable stories i listen to and the people i interact with plus the stuff i see around*. I had it in mind that guys cannot be such but after seeing the movie i am wondering. Actually thinking too.

Have heard stuff where guys have more than 1 gf’s and they are doing just time pass. But here Ranbir/Raj looked really serious for Minisha/Mahi and Bipasha/Radhika, but then what happened all of a sudden?. Was it just for fun ,for time pass, a pass to the next by game for him. Just play with feelings of the girls and move on. Now if we suppose such guys do exist in the world *which i am sure they do*. What happens to girls with whom they do like that in the movie? Do/Can such girls move on?. I dont think so because mostly girls get so emotionally attached with the guys. And do guys move on. Ofcourse they do, well most of them. This is a pretty sad situation.

Now reversing the situation. When i can talk about guys being like this,i am sure there are girls too who can be/are like this. Girls who hurt feelings of so many guys and completely destroy them. Guys who are very strong pass the phase but who are very soft and sweet kinds, they completely lose on everything. But girls wouldn’t care. Which is not a good situation either.

Just one thought still lingers. Can guys and girls be really like this. Don’t they understand,the purtiy of relationships?? Is everything in life just for fun?? Can people not respect others emotions and stop playing with them. May be the day everyone realizes this,it would be a much BETTER WORLD 🙂

I end this post with the question that lingers in my mind. Someday when I do find the answer, I shall definitely write on the same.

Love n Questions,