Ever felt very cosy amd comfy with just a normal friend??I am sure many of us experience this in our life :)..There are people who come to our life and we instantly click..We are not the bestest of friends but there is a bond..A bond that keeps us close keeps us together..You feel so comfortable to talk to that person,sometimes more than a gud friend you have known for years..You can go on and on for hours without any hesitation..These are the unspoken bonds..I term them as ‘Special Bonds’ :]..These are some of the friendships always close to our heart as they are just so different..You are not bestest of friends but you always like talking to that person..I too have many special bonds..People who i really click with 🙂

Now if we come to a relationship more than friendship..The one between a guy and a girl who have been friends for long now :)..People think of them to be a couple but yes they arent..They like each other as friends and have a very different relationship..They share everything with each other and hang round..Feel very comfy in each others company..That dosent mean its Love..Instead it is just a different pure friendship zone :)..Although this pure and true relationship is a bond mistaken by everyone around..But still it maintains its beauty..Its also a ‘Special Bond’ :]

There are many other bonds too which can be called as Special Bonds..Look around you and you will see how beautiful these special bonds are…They are present in some or the other way in everyone’s life :>..Discover them and enjoy them because they are one of the most nice relationships..If its the second sepcial bond i mentioned,donot let the world come in !!

With Love,