Some relations are just undefined..Their depth,their strength and their name is beyond everything..They are the special relations in life..Giving meaning to your life and providing lots of life to your life..Thats what they do 🙂

You are not in any commitment thats you are not in a bf-gf relation..You are not a couple..Not just friends..Just theres a bond which is unexplainable..Because its just a bit more than friendship..This bond which i am talking about is a bond between a girl and a boy who are close to each other..Because guys are really gud to confide secrets so generally its a very comfortable bond..These bonds have no formality and no boundary :)..

They have fun together..Share their happiness sorrows excitements and masti..Just not needing another person when one needs a shoulder to cry :)..Both know that each one will be happy if the other gets a love interest :P..If one gets happiness,other one will not be jealous (yea they will be happy)..Sometimes girls are just unable to share a problem with her best friends but surely she can share it with her guy friend much more easily..Thats the beauty of this relationship..Maybe because guys wunt judge her or aleardy have some views about that stuff..Or judhe it on basis of something..The guy and the gurl just have a beautiful bond and a cute life..

BUT…..The problem lies in the world..They never understand this bond..D moment such a close bond is formed everyone would just link them up :..They would not let 2 people live like friends..Because its just the mentality and meek nature..But still the beauty of this relationship withstands all such things *if its a true relation*..So i classify this as a different and a very cute relationship of one’s LiFe !!

Love and Life,

P.S…I still gotta have such a friend..Would love to have such a cute different relationship in my life too 🙂