As we enter college,what comes as a welcome by our seniors is the Fresher’s party..Last year we were given a fresher’s which was just fine..And this year we had to give to our juniors..Just 2 days for all the preparations-How was it all gonna happen?..But we managed to make Bionics **ECE n BME Fresher’s Party** a SUCCESS 😀 :D..

I have always been interested in creative work so we took to making cards for the faculty and higher authorities for inviting them..It was a great experience working together and having fun too..Not to forget-going to college but not attending any lectures :P..Also decided for the games we wanted to have for juniors..Loads of discussions,masti and mazaa topped with work..Also were telling friends to make the posters..Everyone was working like a group :D..Even went to invite the teachers which was fun as well a lil bit of surprising..We had put in so much of efforts and some of them were not even ready to sign the card..

Now coming to an imp. part-The part that reflected us as seniors..When we took the auditions of a 1st yr guy for singing..He sung reli very well and it was a gud experience :)..Now the question was whta do we wear???..Ofcourse i had planned on a formal kurti with jeans but but..but..As we were in the organizing team so we had to wear suits/indian outfit..But the suit i had was very heavy..Although i told this to our co-ordinator but i was given a dhamki that i will have to come in that only :O..Very confused as to wht to do,i decided i will wear that 😛 (making a record of wearing a suit once in college every semester )

Suit done,everything done and just 1 day left..I donot have the proper footwear..The one i wore with the suit before has some beads missing :..I needed new slippers and so much more work and no time..But somehow i managed to get a new pair which i reli loved..They are so ethnic style..Ofcourse accessories i aleardy had and now was just the wait..The wait for the bash~~Bionics 2008 🙂 😀

Will write about the freshers in the next post..

Signing off,