Yeahhh !! I wuld say finallyyy i met them…It was a dreammm come true and also an amazingg experience

I met Husein Tina at the chandigarh airport where they asked me to come over…HuTi had come over to chd to go to simla for a show..Yest they were going back and yeahhhh finally my desire to meet them turned into reality..I was sooo sooo nervous when i hd to go there..More nervous when they had reached the airport that i just stood with my back to the front area…

FINALLYY they entered and i was awestruck…I was with some of my friends and i was just..Tina came there and said hiiii but i ws too shocked n happy n surprised to say anythng..In the mean tine she just said hii to my friends…Then Husein also came and said hiii bt again no rxn..And finallyy he took my hand and said hellooo *ahhh*..Then i said hello to Tina and hugged her..

Next we were talking and i was like its like 5 yrs and nowwww we get to meet…Husein was reliii sweet and thanked for all the love and all wht i did for him…awww i felt so..Then we said can we take photographs with u people..Husein said as manyyy as u want…Such a sweet gesture..We were just clicking when the security person said not here pls…So Husein said lets go outside and i was pulling tina’s leg…

Now we started clciking pics…They were nice to click with my friends too and being so sweetly posing ..While clciking their pic with my friends i was like u guys look sooo gorgeousss…And i asked tina autograph plsss and she is like i dunt gv them..Nit to u atleast…But ultimately she gave it…then my friends took and she gave it for all of them..I asked Husein toh he u aleardyyyy know everythng abt me more than me…I was so embarrased..Then Husein se lia and he ws writing and writing…It was so sweet of him coz he was truly nice and polite…No attitude by both of them…Then we were just talking abt general stuff and yeahh i told husein everyone missesssss u…But he said few more months then he will be back..So everyone just cheerrrrrrr up

Nw i gave them some little tokens of love to them..But they were not ready to take…Itniii mushkil se finally lia and huhhhh i was releived…They had their flight so they said okay now we wl go…otherwise we will miss our flight…But i was like its okay to which tina sd ya ya u wuld want us to miss our flight…I asked when are they coming bck to which tina sd tht u have to ask husein…And they said u come over to mumbai na…Now bye bye time….Then i thnk i again hugged Tina..And omgggg Husein hugged me and said all the best

Final byes were said and we were all sooooooo happy…My friends reli loved HuTi althu none was a fan..But as we had just reached out Tina called up and said they r inside so if we wanna come..And howwwwwww culd we miss that..WE rushed bck and omgggg we had to take the tickets to go inside…The person said to fill d name on 4 slips bt i just filled on one and took out 4 tickets..The security person checked and called tht ticket guy..Told hm whts dis and poor ticket guy was like inhone khud le liye…But he just let us in then and we were againnnn with huti

Tina now introduced all of us to Vitthal and i complimented him for his dance…He was nice and tina sd harshall is still on d fone..I bet he was talking to hs gf in d corner sitting on d stairs…Now when he came Tina introduced us all to hm too…Again baatein started and …Husein said yea u have been talking to us so much to which i said noo not much now..Tina sd yaa she talks to me not u..Husein was like im nottt at all tech savvy pr phone savvy or net savvy…If im chatting to sm1 on d fone,after 2-3 msgs ill call tht person only…We were having a gud laugh…Now huti had to go for the security check in and yeahhh again bye bye time..They went inside and were waving at us saying gudbye…awwwww finally they were going..Leaving memoies to cherish forever

Still we wanted them to bid gudbyee till they board d plane so we went to the area from where we culd c d planes…I guess the flight was delayed a bit and finally we saw them go towards the plane…awwww they were going from my city…I was happy truly happy…My wish came true and tht too everythng happened soooo fast…I had never imagine that i wuld meet them when i had least expected it…I wanna thankkkk HuTi for making the meeting sooo sooo special for me as well as my friends…It was reli a meeting i will cherish for life…Truly this saying is true…If its in ur destiny and if hearts meet then persons will surely meet…

Writing after soooo sooo long but this is a dream come true…So had to write it in my blog…:)

Love ya loads..Anku