You have Snow.. You have Desert.. You have cruise.. You have Dolphins.. You have breath taking aquarium.. You have mesmerizing Fountain show.. You have the tallest buildings.. You have the largest malls.. You have the biggest brands

You name it and its right there..In Dubai- The land of Dreams, The land of high aspirations and The land of everything u wish for 🙂 🙂
I had this love for dubai ages ago before i had even visited it.. And as i stepped on the land of dubai, i was taken aback and had fallen in love with the city 😀 :”>..Right from the time i got out of plane, I knew i am in a place of dreams..High heels, Smartie pants and beautiful eyes – this was what was around me..
This 1 week showed me every colour of a vacation i could have asked
for.. Everything was super nice especially the Desert Safari 😛 .. Sitting in the front seat and seeing the car climbing the top of the mountain and knowing its gonna go down just gave me chills.. But ofcourse i loveddd it and enjoyed myself.. Camel riding ahhh how we screamed and getting Henna made on our arms topped with belly dancing (it was the 1st time i was watching it) and it totally left me in splits =))..
Also the Dolphin show which i have never seen, It was just soo good.. When you see the dolphins for the 1st time, it makes you go awww.. The Malls gave me chills coz they were soo soo huge.. Absolutely blowed me off my mind =)).. Even the super markets were Hugeeee, totally unimaginable..
And what made this trip more fun was our gang of 4 ppl..The Kids Party, we literally had loads of fun everywhere.. Be it the hotel room or the super market or anywhere out 🙂
In short, I wunt mind going back.. One of my bestest trips ever.. Thankyou Mom Dad for taking me to Dubai 🙂
Dubai Dreams still come to me.. I know i will surely go back to dubai someday..
Anku ..