The 1st drop of rain on your face makes you go awww.. After such heat, everyone loves the feel of rain.. Its Monsoon Time in India and surely a releif for everyone 🙂

I also like the feel of Rains but i miss making boats and playing with them.. I miss playing in the rain with friends.. I miss the excitement within me to watch the rains.. There are so many memories with these rains.. So many times i have actually gone out for a drive just because lil drops fell on my face *woww*.. When the rain is very slow , you enjoy the rains.. You love the feeling of fresh breeze touching your face and transferring you to a new world 🙂 🙂

But there are so many times when you just donot like rain.. When you have an important meeting or when you have a Indian team match going on.. You just hate the fact that Rains played a spoil spot.. Even me, There have been so many times i just didnot like while it was raining.. One such day was today.. I had to come back home whilst it was raining too heavily.. So i had to drive back in the super heavy rains which totally fell on my skin like current and totally played such a hinderance.. But Rains in any form are soo full of love.. The skies express their love for Earth through Rains.. Maybe thats why the monsoons are considered as the most Romantic Season :”> :”>

And the bestt part of rains is that you enjoy having Pakoras and Coffee.. The fun of having them is doubled by many folds because in the chills of rain , having something Hot is like Bliss.. Rains are good in most ways but Skies should express their love for earth after considering everyone’s condition *just kidding 😛 *

So Enjoy the Rainy Season with lots of boats.. And get drenched in the Rain with your friends or with your love.. Just enjoy the Mausam with or without the Umbrella 🙂

Rainy showers n More..