Hey guys,

I have been very irregular in updating this Blog. It was mainly because I have been downright Lazy and Busy with College. But now since College Ends, I will have a lot of free time on hand. Hoping to update this blog more ofter. Right now am experimenting with the Design of the Blog. Also just playing around. After I joined Twitter, I came across some Super Awesome Blogs and I really feel the need of Upgrading myself a lot on Blogs. The Layout, Colours, Writing and the Most Important Regularity.

My Plan of action is to Update the Blog atleast Twice a week. Stuff I am planning to write :
>>Music n Movies
>>General Stuff
>>Life n Friends

I also hope at some point I follow and complete the Challenge set for Myself which includes writing the blog everyday for a Month . Signing out for now with a promise to be back very soon.

Love n Smiles,