Finally its the End of 2010 hereby welcoming 2011 !! Its an year of Hopes, Smiles and Memories. The Year started on a Great Note with this New Years Party at home. It was a huge Get Together along with good Music, Food and some Great Memories. The best part was celebrating it with Cousins *yess i lovee them*.It was good to get ready after a long long time. Then good to see so many people and clicking photographs. It was just a happy way to welcome 2011 hoping it to be a good year. The party went and it was 12 o clock. We had a Countdown which finally ended with Cake cutting and Cake Smashing session.

Instead of giving the cake to anyone , I ate it myself which was funny. Because everyone expected I will give it to somebody atleast *evil grin*. Tehn started the best part. Cake smashing but in the end I was smashed the MOST. I looked like the Birthday Girl who has been smashed by lots of people. And yes I shouted too. And also snatched the Choco Welcome 2011 tag from my Bhabi who was gonna eat that away *superfun*. The Party ended with lots of Photographs with everyone. Some nice Family Photos Collection.

Finally we had some Dance and then some Cousins Gupshup Session. At 2 am in the night, we hogged on some Chocos and Desserts. This was the Super welcome to 2011. Hoping it would be full of Super Memories and some Adventure. Starting the Adventure with my Trip to Chennai and Pondicherry. Heres a Toast to a Super 2011 for me and everyone else. All my Friends and Family, Stay Super Blessed !!

And I hope to remain active on my Blog.

Lots of Love and Smiles,