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Ever heard about Euthanasia? I did while discussing about it in a GD during our CS Labs in College. I was transposed to my thoughts instantly as to How could such a thing exist. Euthanasia is Mercy Killing. According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is “a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering.”

At that time I thought Is any Pain so intense that One wants to kill himself or the Patient’s family want to take this step. But as the discussion progressed, I realized sometimes people chose this because of financial reasons while others chose this because they couldnot keep up with looking after the affected person who would never be fine. This is a practise done generally practised when there is no improvement in the condition of a patient from years but its NOT Legal in most parts of the world. 

Hrithik as Ethan

Been years I gave a thought to this ‘word’, I was again brought back to that discussion . Yesterday, while watching the Movie – Guzaarish based on the same or ‘Ethanasia’ as He liked to Call it. 
Ethan Mascarenhas was confined to his bed and ‘The Room’ for over 12 years. He could just move his head and the rest of his body was paralytic. He would have to depend on help for almost Everything. Euthanasia is Not Legal in India and He wanted to get free of this pain. So He filed a petetion in the Court about the same. He gained Public Support through his Radio Show where ironically he helped people to Survive Life with his Motivation. But at the End, His petetion was rejected. I’s like to keep the end a suspense for those who might want to watch the Movie. Ethan Lost but raised a controversy asmist my mind.

 I went back to my thoughts about it. Should It be made Legal? Should a Person be allowed to make a decision of his Life? To Kill Himself? Sould a patient’s Family be allowed to make a Decision about his/her Life? Should this be considered just because of Financial reasons?I would try to put my Opinions regarding these. If it should be made Legal- I feel it should Not be. If I talk about India, people are sure to take undue advantage of this situation. There would be cases when a murder/sucide might be projected as a case of Euthanasia.  If a person be allowed to make such a decision- I just cant seem to find an answer. But yes, it should never be considered because of financial reasons. It is a sad state when a person’s life depends just on money.

I just hope more awareness is created about this sensetive state. And we have more laws enforced regarding that.

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