Twitter has been addicting. And so has been the #hashtags. There are times when I use them while chatting with people. Recently, there was a trending hashtag named ‘ #100facstaboutme’. It was pretty interesting to read some nice, some strange facts about people. I thought why not have it as the next blog entry but just #51factsaboutme. Get to know me here:
1. I am too inquisitive.
2. My Punjabi accent sounds funny.(Read: I am a Punjabi)
3. I have been wearing a ‘Gold ring’ from the past 5 years.
4. During my 10th boards, I used to watch TV for 20 mins right before the exam.
5. I don’t know how to cook, but I can imagine the most innovative recipes which can be actually cooked.
6. I am much more fond of Juices than Colas.
7. There was a time I screamed out super loud being scared seeing a pigeon, but ended up scaring him.
8. I have gone to the market in my PJs straight outta bed.
9. When I was a kid, I used to call myself ‘Kaku Gag’.
10. I am the youngest girl on my dad’s side and the eldest girl on my mom’s side.
11. Overbuilt Guys don’t attract me.
12. I have managed to drive 35km in 35mins (to my College) on a 2 wheeler amidst traffic and one of the most risky National highways.
13. My brother used to scare me with cockroaches put in a box filled with water when I was in school.
14. I have never woken up at 5am for any of my exams.
15. There are times I like people without talking just because of their vibes.
16. I have about 8 photo frames in my room, only one carry a picture. Rest still await one.
17. I was given these titles by my online friends some years back- ‘Rolling Queen’, ‘Blushing Queen’.
18. I used to collect a lot of magazines 7 years back, just for an actor’s articles. (Husein K)
19. There was a time in school when I thought Crush was some drink.
20. I used to have 5 wind chimes in my room at one time.
21. I am not fond of flowers.
22. I have a certain love for Dubai over all other places abroad.
23. I love my Singledom.
24. I am the only girl in my entire College batch who is active on Twitter.
25. I love sleep. More than anything.
26. I love nicknames. Not by random people though.
27. I want to learn Bike riding.
28. I have 10 different shapes of pillows. (Dog, Bunny, Elephant, Flower to name a few).
29. My parents were told by my primary school principal that they should make me mingle with people because I wouldn’t talk at all. Look at me now. I cannot stop talking.
30. I love Maggi.
31. I can listen to music all day, all night long.
32. I love Shahrukh Khan because he shares the birthday with me.
33. I hate men who treat women as objects.
34. A lot of times, I have fallen asleep while chatting with friends on web.
35. I dislike people who flatter.
36. I prefer wearing specs than lenses.
37. I can be very random.
38. I am the only one in my house who loves Gadgets.
39. I was gonna drown in water when I was 10.
40. I can never remember the lyrics of a song.
41. I get bored very soon.
42. I love photography.
43. I wish to get a job that involves something creative.
44. I sleep text at times.
45. I love driving in slow rains.
46. I love Red. My room is full of red stuff.
47. If it was for me, I would buy a new cell phone every month.
48. I have never read Tintin or Archies comics.
49.  I have over 100 key chains in my collection.
50. I am allergic to Honey but I love Honey chicken.
51. Prefer Cold coffee over Hot coffee.
I hope you guys enjoyed knowing more about me. Usually its a difficult task to get the facts outta a ‘Scorpio’ that easily. Till Laters !!

Signing off,