10 years..That’s a Long Long Time. From a Cricket hater to a Crazy Cricket Fan- The transition has been pretty quick. Its  World Cup 11 Semi-finals between India vs Pak. When I last witnessed the match at Mohali stadium, everything was the same. Except the love for Cricket. But I expect a positive outcome for the Indian Team.

Bleeedd Blueee is my Mantra today. The excitement and thrill is evident from the fact that all my updates on Facebook and Twitter are about Cricket and Semis, not to forget the Weather Update. I have never been so nervous for my exams too. I wanted to go for the Match but the tickets werent available. But as they say ‘When you truly want something, the whole world comes together to make it happen’. My bhabhi got tickets and I am finallyy goingg. I actually never beleived this could actually happenn.The cricket crazy mania in me has no end.

Just Hope its a Legendaryyy Match and India wins 😀 😀

2:30 PM , 30th March, 2011 is gonna be written in History. Yes we will create History !!

Love and Wishes to Indian Cricket Team.

Signing off,