Hey Guys,

Back after a long hiatus. Today morning, while listening to a song ( Nindiya Re – Coke Studio) I was just thinking. The same usual thoughts. .

 When the music was mellow and the thoughts were not shallow.. When the heart was sad and the mind was mad.. Random thoughts which beautifully came out in the form of a poem..

I want to fly to a distant unknown land;

I shall fly.. Someday
( Picture Credit : Twitsnap)

Where there is no one known;

The sea, mountains and the sun shine;
Where there are no phones, no internet ; No means of communication;
You are just self;
Nobody to Judge, Nobody to Watch, Nobody to Stop;
Nobody to Offend, Nobody to Answer to, Nobody to be responsible for;
Where you can experiment as much as you want;
With life, With Food, With Music, With Work, With your soul;
Where there’s freedom, For You and your Soul;
Where there’s Only Work and Music, Only Care and True Friendship;
Friendship with youself, With the Sun, With the Moon, With the Unknown people;
People who donot expect, People who donot leave, People who donot hurt;
People who have left the known world, left those memories;
Where you live Life, in the real sense;
Where you breathe your dreams;
And the bubble of Dreams never burst;
Take me to that Distant Land;
Take me away, Take me Far away;
Someday i shall Fly away;
Fly away to the Distant Land;
To the Land Unknown, To the Land Unknown.

I donot know what these lines want to tell me. I just felt good after writing this. Shall be back soon.