I came to know about Salasar about 2 years back when a trip was being planned, which remained a plan until now. Finally I was going to visit this divine holy place in Rajasthan during the Independence weekend. It is famous for Hanuman ji’s mandir  but what makes it stand out from the other temples is that the idol placed here of Hanuman ji has a beard. Although I am not too religious, this trip was good with all the fun and the pleasant weather . Although most of the time went in travelling.

Reaching the Place– There are several routes to reach this small city. Most preferred route is via Jaipur/ Delhi. There is a road via Hanumangarh too which is a smooth travel. The route which we took while going  via Hisar/ Churu was very bad, so you could avoid that. It took us approximately 10 hours to reach the place from Chandigarh.

"Locked with Hanuman-ji from Salasar"

History  and Beliefs– It is believed that the idol was found in a farm and then a mandir was made in the city. Back in 90’s, it was merely a building with the idol. With passing time, it became a stop for lakhs of followers. And now the main mandir is beautifully made with proper arrangement for the devotees to have a hassle free darshan. The mandir premises are kept very clean and it is ensured that no prashad comes under feet. It is also believed that if you tie a coconut on the tree in the mandir and make a wish; it falls when your wish gets fulfilled. And unlike most of the places where you have to visit again when your wish is fulfilled , there is no such thing here. There is a yagya performed everyday in the premises of the mandir and it is said that if you intake the remains of ash, a lot of your body problems are cured. We don’t know how much of it is true, but it is said the temple really has a strong  holy power. And a lot of wishes have been fulfilled. Lot of people visit this place year after year. Around the month of March/ April , there is a festival in the city. It is said that 6 lakhs plus devotees visit the temple during the 3-4 day  festival period. If you want to know more on the history, there are many CDs/ DVDs available in the market around the mandir.

Planning your Stay– A  lot of Dharamshalas are available in the city where you could get an A.C or a non A.C room. A normal room should cost you around 500-1000 for a day.  If you are going on the weekend or during the holiday season, it’s better to get the rooms booked in advance. There is also a 5 star hotel by the Honkong people where you could book a room if you’like a luxurious stay. There are water issues at most of the places. They have salty water running in the washrooms which could make your skin rough so you could use Mineral water bottles for that.

Extra  Benefits- If you donot wish to stay back in the city and would like to get fresh and go for the darshan, there is a locker facility present in many dharamshalas. You can get fresh in the common washrooms and keep your luggage in the lockers. Then go for the darshan and return back to your city.

Food tales- Since it is a religious place, it is impossible to find non vegetarian food. There are lot of options for vegetarian food. You can order it in the dharamshala which will have very light and cheap food. There are a lot of dhabas around the mandir and in the market area. In most of the eating places, the prices are according to per person. It is like the buffet system. Try having  Mineral water if you’re eating outside.

Prasad- You could take the Prasad from the mandir area or you could get it made from your hometown. Usually the Prasad that is offered is Besan ke laddu, Besan ki burfi, Churma.

Sava Mani Prasad-  Wondering what is sava mani ? In this mandir , devotees get 51 kg of Prasad made. Some of it is taken to the mandir; say 4-5 kgs, out of which 1-2 kgs will be kept in the madir. And you would be given mandir ka Prasad in return. Then you could distribute the remaining Prasad to your friends, relatives back at your place.

Darshan Time- The mandir opens at 4:30 am for the Morning Aarti, which is generally very crowded. One could probably go after it when it gets almost empty. There is an Evening Aarti too which is performed at around 8 pm. Mandir is open during these hours for the darshan.  You could also have mandir ka khana by paying there. If you cannot find where to do it, ask for assistance from a pandit.

Sundarkand Paath- There is a huge hall right in the mandir where this is performed. It is almost 2 hours long where they recite the Hanuman Chalisa and the Sundarkand Paath. For people who don’t know the words, there are books given with the wordings. It is brilliant to see them sing with so much enthusiasm and all the instruments. I personally did not understand much but it had a positive feel and a lot of positive vibes flowed in the room.

What to Buy-  Salasar is famous for its Pickles, Rye, Variety of Papads, Namkeens, Candies (Churans) and Rajasthani Jewellery. Also you can buy lockets with the idol or some idol momentos for friends and family.

Make sure you get blessings from Hanuman ji and have a pleasant stay in Salasar !! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.