“Zangoora – What do you think of it as when you hear the name”. Personally, when I heard about it, I thought of it as some show , unsure of it’s genre or scale (the first instinct). But when I read about the mighty, grand and the larger than life Zangoora, I was startled. At first, I couldnot believe that something at such a large-scale could be done in India. And when the posters were released, I was sure this was going to be BIG. Something that would make history and re-define the scale of entertainment shows.

"Larger than Life"

For you guys who don’t know what the very different, out of the world term is, let me try to put it in words. Zangoora is a 2 hour plus live musical dance entertainment state-of-the-art show that’s takes you to a different world. It has high-pitched music, lively dances, high voltage drama, emotion and a lot more than you would expect from a show of such a genre. Zangoora is the result indefinite hours of hard work and creativity put in by the best people from all phases of life. It has likes of Javed Akhtar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Shiamak Davar to name a few; so you can well imagine the scale at which the show has been made.

Zangoora is a process where magic unfolds in front of your eyes. Where there are no bounds. Where there are no mistakes. Where you see only happy smiling faces full of life, full of enthusiasm who look forward towards giving a perfect performance to entertain the audience. Right from the time you enter the aura of Zangoora until the end, you feel like your soul is dancing away.

Get ready to Jhoom-ofy to the tunes of  Zangoora Zangoora.

This was just a sneak peek at the Larger than Life ‘Zangoora’. Stay tuned to know everything about Zangoora !!