"The Apple that dazzles the world"

The legendary name ‘Steve Jobs ‘ rings a bell in every head that loves technology. And it brings a huge smile to every face that’s uses the products made by him. Steve Jobs is the co-founder & the vision of Apple. He called it iQuit  as the CEO of Apple 2 days back and to be honest it’s a sad day. The aura and the highly creative vision that he had is a rare possession.

When the white Apple logo shines, it creates magic. It somewhat draws one to itself.  Highly overpriced at the first look but totally worth it after you buy them. The products are the pieces of art that have a good appearance and a highly sharp brain as well. If you get used to Apple, you just cannot use anything else. Be it the iPod, iPhone or Mac; they are the perfect example of how far technology can be couples with art.

Steve Jobs has been a great CEO since he sought his company a perfect mix of  fine products with each piece crafted with hand and high customer satisfaction.  There has been examples on the web, where people who have worked with Jobs have spoken high of him and his passion for his company. There was one instance where the person who worked on the design side mentioned how Jobs called him on a Sunday morning to discuss work. What important work it can be that the CEO of the company is working on a Sunday. It was just the shade of yellow that he did not like on the product (Apple had a colored logo before). This shows the in-depth involvement of Jobs in the product design, highly commendable. Steve Jobs as a person has gone through a lot of lows and has been a survivor of Cancer too. So he, as a person, is a great inspiration for people who want to make it big and pursue their dreams like he did. Personally, I loved this particular video where he is speaking at the 114th Commencement of Stanford University. He motivates the graduates to follow their dreams, to see opportunities in the lows and to fight the impossible including death. Totally respect him as a person.

Steve Jobs at Stanford University

Tim Cook has taken over as the CEO of Apple. We  just hope that Apple as a company remains the same giant as it is now, maintaining the high customer satisfaction as it had until now. Also hope that the products keep dazzling us like always. Wishing the new CEO and the company as a whole Good Luck !!

Shall be back with more posts on Apple !!