"The Admiration Mocking Relationship"

“You are so good at this Deep” , I tell him with a lot of love and respect for my lil brother. And pat comes a reply “K’ or at the max “Thankxx”. He sings a “mocking” song for me which irritates me and then amuses me, at the end complimenting him. I adore my brother to that extent. Yes, I do get mad at him and blast at him at times; And at such times he knows he has to be quiet. We have a sort of love mock relationship. I love him and show it in the form of adoration and compliments. He loves me and shows it in the form of his mocking and never fail to amuse me. And I know if ever I need any advice, I have to just go to him and leave it to him. He maybe younger but is very clear on thoughts and makes wise decisions giving the best advice one would want.

Leaving everything aside, I can’t beleive my lil brother is 21. He has grown from a shy indivisual  into a grown up smart and witty guy !! So here’s wishing you a very very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHAI”.

"Happy Birthday Bro"

I hope this crucial year proves to be very bright and successful for you. Wishing you all the happiness and smiles of the world with lots of smiles to cherish throughout the year. I just wish there is not a moment of sadness or a low phase in your life, because I always wish the best for you. It’s not that I don’t show you, I know you know how much I admire you as a person, how I am impressed by you as an indivisual, how I like your mathematical skills, how I always want success for you, how I always wish for a bright bright future for you, how I want a lot of gifts from your first salary, how I always fight with you and still do your work, how I tease you which never affects you, how I end up complementing you even when you mock me, how I enjoy your company when we are out, how I love hearing from you, how I enjoy your comments while watching television, how I always get the best stuff for you inspite of you not even appreciating it except for the Puma shoes that we got recently, how I hate to see you low, how I am much more closer to you than I am to Mom Dad. I cannot explain in words on how much I care for you and want to see right at the top. And you know I shall be the one with you fighting for you when millions are against you including mom dad. I would always stand up for you even if it would mean standing against the family. And you should know you can come upto me with all your secrets (which you rarely do) and all your ramblings (which you rarely have) !! Listen to this wish- Especially for You 🙂

Happy Burdayy to you *oyee taaliyaaan*

Have the bestest 21 because it won’t come back again. Your sis loves you till no end and you probably know that by now. I know you’re a wonder child and you’ll do me proud very soon !! I asked one of your friends (the only friend I could hold off) Himangi Gupta to write few lines about you. It’s not surprising that she has such good words to say about you, because I know everyone is in awe of you. Everyone loves you dear brother and adores you to infinity. You are Mom’s baby and will always be. Read what your friend has to say about you below.

Quoting Himangi, 

“What to say about deepankar..He is a great person to be in touch with.. One who is always there to help u..The best Motivator, a happy-go-lucky person..The one who lives in present n does not think about the future.. A person whose company is always loved and it is very difficult to describe him in words as he is a person with a beautiful heart whose family and friends mean the world to him..Just love to know him…Just remain the same as u are..Always smiling..And just keep loving d world around u..Happy Birthday 🙂 :)”

Every person that meets him has a lot of praises to say. His cousins are so fond of him inspite of him being a tease-them-all bhai. But his wit always manage to make everyone fond of him. He speaks less but when he speaks, nobody else dare speak. His focusses and hardworking nature is admired by one and all. Have a great 21 !!

Lots of Love