"A world of Me, Myself"

When I look back,

I see care, I see love;

When I look closely,

I see distrust, I see fakeness;

When I peek a little more,

I see a bubble made of lies;

The dreams are shattered,

The strings are broken.

"I look back"

I see the world coming down,

The people fading away,

Leaving a scar on the memory,

And just vanishing away.

I can feel the helplessness,

With the heart feeling suffocated,

The brain going numb,

And the soul giving away.

"I decide on"

I decide right away,

This has to stop,

The life has to move on,

Memories have to be cleared,

I have to change.

The heart will get stronger,

The brain more clearer,

And the soul a lot purer.

There will be a world,

For Me and Myself;

With no people inside,

No lies, No jealousy,

No trust broken , No cleverness.

"Happy World"

This will be a Happy world,

With no space for friendship,

And no space for fickle minds,

The fakeness removed,

Forever from the life;

This will be achieved,

One fine day,

When God is kind,

And weather is fine,

When birds are chirping,

And the rainbows are bright,

The smiles within,

The music all around,

The positivity in thoughts,

And a world above all.

A world for Me,

A world of Myself.

 This is a post that reflects some corners of the Random Happy Soul. This is not entirely a true incident but I won’t deny it to be entirely false. It is some bits of Life that I ponder upon at times. It is about Life, about Friendship and about people who come in your life and not once do you realize the bubble around them.

But yes, I do at times wish for a world which is above everything. A world where there is no space for friends. A world that is Me, Myself. A world I can call my own.

Do ponder upon your life and feel beyond your thoughts. Think away from the fine lines of Life !!