"Someone, pls?"

Bachaoo.. Bachaoo.. Koi toh suno, screamed the girl with a tinge of fear in her eyes. A handsome man appears out of nowhere and the girl, that’s me cannot help but stare. My eyes are motionless and the body froze at the sight of this strong, handsome and gullible figure standing in front.

“Kaun hai?”, I ask in complete shock and bittersweet happiness, at the same time. Just trying to keep my feet down and not go to the heaven right above the stars I could see. I finally hear him speak for the first time trying to stand still and hiding my happiness.

” I am a proud citizen of ZangooraLand” and my name is Zangoora, he says in a flirtatious tone.

I was flattered and we hit a conversation instantly. There was a different level of chemistry with this man. He was naughty and witty, always trying to be cheesy. His tone made me swoon but I had to tone down my feelings.

He finally spoke “Jaaneman chalegi tu mere saath” which left me bewildered. Though I was petrified at the thought but he looked true to me. His sense of humour, his positivity and enthusiasm left a huge impression on me.

I decided to take the plunge and answered trying to be all pricey- “Jaaneman aur tumhari, kabhi nahin. Meri jooti bhi na bane tum jaise ki jaaneman”.

He answers back in a gentle tone- “Mere peeche toh duniya ki sab ladkiyan hain, par meri toh sirf tum ho jaaneman, sach keh raha hun dilruba”. I was trying to act like I was angry but I was constantly laughing at the inside.

Without much thought, I answered –“ Shakal dekhi hai kabhi, duniya ki ladkiyan toh chodo, koi jaanwar bhi tumhare peeche nahin pad sakta”.

He did not retaliate but answered in his charming tone- “Aazmaa ke dekh lo haseena, meri laalpari”. I was melting awayand it was hard to resist this ultra gorgeous man trying to woo me.

I finally said- “Chalo hum bhi dekhein tumhara yeh Zangoora wala jo bhi land”. We started walking.

"We march on"

I was excited on this inside and keep wondering about this never-heard-before land. But before we started our journey, Mr. Zangoora speaks up again and warns me before hand and says – This land is larger than life, much more magnificent than your dreams, its magical and it shall dazzle you to no end. People often remain “jhoomo-fyed” for days, weeks or months and have been often seen humming the signature Zangoora Land tune ” Zangoora Zangoora”- he tried to warn me. No doctor has been able to detect its cause and no god can help you if you fall for it. I was startled.

The curious and excited me obviously chose the expected. So I still decided to explore this unknown land located inside the grand Kingdom of Dreams. Zangoora explained me about this historical yet state-of-the-art modern land. As he explains that the land is full of people who dance dazzle dream and spread the wave of positivity around. I was dying to just immerse myself in the experience. He promised to take me to the land with a promise that I shall have to become a part of it since the people there treated every visitor as their own, as their citizen. Without a sigh, we started marching towards the kingdom with me officially becoming a “Citizen of ZangooraLand“.

"I was"

The welcome was grand and warm with the music and drums being played that made me want to dance. The flowers were being showered, the air was filled with the aroma of magic and each moment was filled with a richer experience than the previous one. When I entered the boundary of this huge kingdom, I looked around and just went deeper into the daze. There was no looking back, the architecture fascinated me like anything, the music enthralled me and the people were warm. Every corner told a tale, every wall was sculptured with intricate figures. I tried my best to absorb as much as I could. Within a short span of time, I felt like it was my own land; My ZangooraLand.

"I became"

While I was engrossed in this never-seen-before land, the people guided me towards the mahal. I was wondering what was going to happen. I could just hear someone say- “Yeh nahin dekha toh kuch nahin dekha” and someone else chipping in – “Apna dil thaam lo, yeh nautanki tumne pehle kabhi nahin dekhi hogi”. My heart went for a toss when I entered the mahal. It looked like a real-raja-maharaja type mahal to me. With the rich and expensive furnishings, I could not have asked for more. I suddenly remembered Zangoora’s words about the dazzling effect because it was all coming true in the real sense. The nautanki started and I became numb with whatever was going in front of my eyes.

“Is this real”, I asked myself time and again. I had to pinch myself at several points of time and reassure myself that it was not hallucination. I was totally trying to absorb the high-energy quotient and the positive vibes that had filled the mahal. It was all coming to an end and I discovered Mr. Zangoora was actually a king. He was the one with a golden throne and I was a commoner. I tried to wave off these thoughts and enjoy the behind the camera scenes. Somehow I had fallen in love with this guy, like love at “first fright”, not the conventional first sight love. We are standing and….

"I say - Dream On"

“WAKEEE UPP ANKUU”, your phone is buzzing insane; I hear this admist my dream and I wake up startled. I did not believe that it was just a dream. The WHOLE THING was a dream, a figament of imagination. There was no such land and no such nautanki, but yes the face of the man looked familiar. I ignored the calls for a moment and tried to recall like a maniac. It was him. It was HUSEINN KUWAJERWALA , the dream guy *almost faints*. I attend the phone call and I can’t breathe. I am hypershocked.

I was speechless. My friend screamed like mad but failed to get any response. And in an instant, there was a loud scream, which petrified everyone. Finally I spoke.

You won’t believe this. No person would believe this but it happened. It really did happen and I can’t cook up a story about this”. She was silent and I could sense the shock in her voice when she finally spoke. “How on earth can you visualize it all in your dream. You’re not a superhuman. You’re mad”.

I open my laptop and all the newspapers websites are buzzing with one big news. The newly built Kingdom of Dreams and the biggest musical show Zangoora that stars the popular star Husein Kuwajerwala. My dream was no longer a dream but a distant reality.

I have no words but smiles as I recall my dream over and over again. It was the premiere of the show tonight and I was a part of this journey right before it had started. I felt a moment of intense happiness, which was well reflected on my face and my thoughts. Whenever I remember this aww-soo-cutee incident where I got to be so close to the dream guy, I have a smile and my heart behaves like a maniac.

End of Story !!

P.S – This is purely a work of fiction. No characters or incidents are anyways related to real life. Though the description of ZangooraLand is 100% true.

Today the nautanki in Nautanki Mahal completes 400 episodes. I have had the fortune to watch it live few weeks back and had the best view possible. On this day, I would like to Congratulate the whole cast and crew who put in so much hard work into the show and have made it such a huge success. Even now, after a little less than an year, the mahal is mostly house full, which speaks a lot about the show. I hope there are many more 400’s added to the history of this amazing show. I hope the show becomes legendary like DDLJ or goes on to create a new history. Random Happy Soul wishes and prays for the grand success of Zangoora in the future too, not only in the country but at the international platform too.

.: Happy 400 Guys :. 

"All Smiles- Happy 400"

This was my first attempt at writing fiction coupled with some real descriptions. I hope you enjoyed reading this little piece of story !! Thanks for reading.