"Hrithik Roshan at his charming self"

Hrithik Roshan can dazzle you with his perfect moves and his to die for body. He is one of the finest dancers of our country who can perform anything and look good. In his words, he says, it takes a lot of hard work and effort for him to bring perfection in his moves. People idolize him as the Dance Icon and it’s the ultimate dream for them to dance with him.

When Star Plus came with it’s new show “Just Dance” where the Grand Prize would also include matching moves with the magnificient dancer Hrithik Roshan, people were moved beyond words. The junta went crazy to participate in the auditions. This was also first of it’s kind in India where dancers from around the world would come on a single platform and fight for the top spot.

The auditons were held in major cities of India namely- Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai; U.K ; U.S.A which does cover majority of the talent. The great performers, some nowhere-near-dance performers, pathetic visual horror performers – Everyone auditioned. The show oozed high spirit of people, passion for dance, some very tragic stories, happy go lucky attitude and most importantly their love for dance & their idol Hrithik Roshan. The judges Vaibhavi Merchant and Farah Khan proved to be the best choice for the show. They were warm, critical, enthusiastic, comfortable, fun loving, brilliant judges. I agreed with most of their decisions about the contestants.

"The Judges"

The journey started for me when I watched USA auditions on the television and totally fell in love with the show. Some of the people made it to my top favourites instantly. The next weekend was spent in catching on with the all missed episodes which took me almost 10+ hours. But there was not a single moment of dullness or boredome. It was all lively and kickass with a pinch of emotion. I knew I was hooked to this show. After ages, there came a show which made me catch up the episodes week after week. I could feel the brilliance in each moment except for some drama moment gimmicks that all channels play. In each audition, there was a Video message from the very own Hrithik Roshan which would charge the contestants with more energy.

There were 2 stages to reach the main show in Mumbai. First some people were selected and given the Certificates and then out of those, very few were selected for the prestigious, Ticket to Mumbai wala HR Bracelet.  A total of 52 dancers were selected from around the world !!  The whole experience right from the auditons till the main show started was exhuberant and a beautiful journey.

"The Top 52 Dancers of the World"

Stay tuned to know about my favourites, why did these people dazzle me and the things I liked the most and hated the most in the Auditions. I am reliving the journey of Just Dance through this blog series.

Catch the videos here on Star Plus website : Just Dance

To watch the Auditions on Youtube, check Just Dance

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