"The heart searches.."

I just finished watching ‘Jab We Met’ for the Nth time but it was a different experience this time. I was actually thinking deep while watching it. A lot of aspects touched my heart like anything. I could feel; the music, the happiness, the love, the pain. I could sense the aroma of love in the air. The movie spread a wave of happiness and magic on me instilling a lot of love and letting me into a stream of thoughts. Watch the movie here.

The main protagonist in the movie Geet is a very very talkative girl who lives in her dreamland and follows her heart. If we look inside at the deep corners of our heart, there is a Geet in every girl. Every girl wants to love someone, likes the attention, loves to talk, wants to follow her heart and somewhere does think that it’s a fairyland where everything is simple, where dreams come true. Somehow it’s not a heart speaking, this is the way girls are made by God. He has made them tender with a soft heart who spreads a lot of love. (This may not be true for everyone because a lot of circumstances or incidents change people ).

"The Look in those eyes- Geet & Aditya"

Every girl wishes for a guy like Aditya Kashyap, and if not him atleast some part of it. Someone who is charming, with whom they can talk to for hours without the fear of being judged, someone who cares about them, their feelings, their words. A guy who is thoughtful, who is chivalrous. Someone who is sensitive enough to understand them, their mood swings, their love and their heart. The character Aditya Kashyap in the movie fits the bill or shows strong characteristic qualities which a girl would love in his man. The movie depicts just one moment (When Aditya and Geet hug after she speaks to her boyfriend) when their hearts meet and you know its Love though Aditya loved her ever since. You can feel their love, you can sense the magic that is woven through that scene. Very well crafted and very sensitive in the thought.

Such movies makes one believe that there are guys like this. And a lot of real life examples too makes one believe that it’s just a matter of time before you find your dream guy. Husein- Tina, Srk- Gauri, Hrithik- Sussanne are some perfect examples. And it it not necessary that you find this man before marriage. Love can happen after it too and I see some very perfect examples in my life.

"When Love conquers all"

Believe in the power of heart and believe in yourself. The guy is right there, the love is going to come. If not now, somewhere down the line someday for sure. And guys when you have found that one girl, treat her right, pamper her, and love her with all your heart. Hope this post could touch some chords of your heart. Much love to the people in love and people finding love.


P.S- This post is not intended towards depicting that girls are any better or worse than guys. I know many guys who are perfect but they aren’t treated well. It just about the right partner guys. Which is well just a matter of time.