In my last post on Auditions of  Just Dance, I spoke about the auditions in general. In this post, I shall talk more about the people who impressed me during the auditions. There were some contestants who appealed to me right from the first dance. Here is the list :-

1. Meher Malik, Delhi -I have always loved Belly Dancing so she scored a point there with her moves. There was also something very positive about her which fascinated me.

2. Namita Kapoor, USA- She was the tap-tap girl. Loved her attitude and the enthusiasm with which she performed.

3. Karan Pangali, U.K- His kathak amazed me. I have never seen a guy do kathak so gracefully without looking out-of-place. And yes his personality was great.

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Some other notable mentions would go to :

1. Bhavini Mishra, Delhi- Her poetic performance and her deep personality was worth watching.

2. Surjeet Bansal, Delhi-  For his happy-go-lucky manta.

3. Dinanath Rajput, Delhi- The dance moves he showed inspite of no formal training and being a fruit seller in Chandigarh.

4. Shoumita, Kolkata- Her expressions are to die for and she performed the Peakcock dance in an artistic manner.

5. Soochna Suresh, Mumbai- She was the only married female dancer who got selected in the Top 52. It was an inspiration to see her passion for dance.

6. Nimeet Kotian, Mumbai- His whole family is deaf and dumb except him. His dance for his mother was touching.

7. Ajay Kharwa, Mumbai- This guy takes care of his younger sister. His performance brought tears to my eyes. Heart wrenching.

8. Kruthi Shah- Her performance was beautiful and her body so free-falling.

The Top 52 were selected after the auditions. They were to dance before Hrithik Roshan in Mumbai which was an exhilarating chance for each one of them. Each one tried their best to get selected for the next level.

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Stay Tuned to read my views about the Mega Auditions and the people who make it to the top 13 !! Thanks for reading. “Sab kuch bhula ke Just Dance “.