P.S I Love You..

Does this Title ring a bell? Yes for people who love reading books or watching movies. P.S  I Love You is a very popular novel by Cecelia Ahern which was later produced as a movie starring Gerard Butler as Gerry and Hilary Swank as Holly.

"The Bestseller Book"

"The Movie"












I had seen the movie some 3 years back and infact this was one of the very first few english movies I watched (when serious hollywood craze started). I loved it for the fact it was touching, beautifully potrayed the love between 2 people. The movie revolves around the beautiful couple Gerry and Holly who are madly in love with each other. Due to illness, Gerry dies and this leaves Holly with no life. She cannot accept the fact that his love was gone, the man she wanted to spend her entire life with. With time, she discovers that her husband has left a series of love notes for her to discover herself, to live life again and to be the person she was before he left her.The shoe making business that Holly starts was dazzling. The movie takes you through the journey of their happy times, the heart crunching moments and the sweet love notes that dawns upon you how true love can conquer anything.

Few weeks back, I finally read the much talked about Bestselling book. While I started reading I could actually feel the characters, the words flowed like scenes out of a movie. The fine writing brought a lot of emotions in one, and at times your feel numb feeling Holly’s pain. The book has a set of letters sent to Holly’s home which she has to open every month. Her equation with her siblings is penned beautifully. The level of comfort can be seen between Holly and her friends. This book definitely startled me as a person. I could well feel Holly’s pain and just wanted to hug her. I loved the fact at how much Gerry loved her and yearned to have such men around.

Which One out of the Two?

After reading the book, I once again watched the movie. I felt the movie was presently entirely on a different level than the book. But obviously it is the cinematic liberty which is understandable. Though if I had to pick between the two, I would go for the book. The emotions and the depth that it generated in me was unbeleivable. Reasons for picking it :

  • Totally loved the friendship potrayed between Holly, Denise & Sharon.
  • The camaraderie Holly shared with each of her siblings.
  • Not so romantic moments between Holly and Daniel.
  • The family dinners at Holly’s house.
  • Holly’s 30th birthday bash that was shot by her younger brother.
  • The Holly Princess and Ciara the rockstar.
  • Holly’s new job and the environment of the office.

Ratings :

Book – ****1/2

Movie- ****

Totally recommended for those who like reading/ watching RomCom stuff. For people who are die-hard romantics at heart. for people who beleive in love. For people who beleive in love after death. For people who beleive in starting all over again from the scratch.

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