"The Movie I felt"

This is not the best movie I’ve ever watched, but it is definitely the Best Movie I ever ‘felt’, came a voice from within the moment the movie ended.  Mausam released yesterday i.e. September 23rd, 2011 after all the postponing and hulahu of the certificates. The promos had generated a tad too much of expectations amongst the viewers. Also it was Pankaj Kapur’s movie who is considered a legendary, a very fine actor having potrayed some very strong roles, which raised the expectations a lot more.

I had been very excited for the movie since it was Shahid Kapoor playing an IAF officer, the promos looked promising and I had been tripping on its fantabulous music from past few weeks. Being as excited I was for the movie, I decided to get the tickets for the first day evening show. The movie revolves around the story of two lovers Harinder Singh aka Harry played by Shahid Kapoor and Aayat played by Sonam Kapoor. It is a timeless tale of love, which starts in 1992 and ends a decade later, and shows how the lovers are united and separated time and again. The tale of love starts in a village of Punjab (Mallukot) where Harry falls in love at first sight and is shown following her and their first proper interaction is beautifully potrayed. They are seperated and unite again in Scotland where Harry is now IAF officer Harinder Singh and Aayat is a ballet dancer. From there, a series of seperations and meeting continues. The story also tries to depict the historical events starting from the terror in Kashmir to destruction of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya to Kargil war to 9/11 in America to Gujrat riots through they are just symbolic events that bring seperation and no special treatment is given to the events.

The movie starts on a very positive setting in Punjab where Harry and his group of friends have a lot of fun in and around the village. One enjoys the beautiful environment and there are some moments of humor too. When he meets Aayat, he is seem glancing at her at every chance he gets. It a treat to watch the coy love blossoming from his side. The songs Rabba main toh and the wedding sequence Saj Dhaj Ke add a very rich flavour to the movie setting. The high point of the love story is when the lovers talk for the first time by exchanging notes. It brings a very old charm to the tale and one can’t help notice the simplicity and the feeling it generates is noteworthy. The lovers get seperated and meet in Scotland where Harry looks very handsome in the uniform he adones. The designer has a done a great job there and Shahid pulls it off very well as an officer. The highpoint here was when Harry and Aayat put handprints on a wall and those glances are enough to make one’s heart miss a beat. Harry goes off to the Kargil War and the air force part is most show there. From there somehow, the movie loses its charm and the track is lost. It gets sort of okay in bits and parts but overall the impact is not strong as the earlier parts, it’s like the stocks going up and down. The end looks a bit out of place though the director tried to potray the white horse as a symbol of purity in contrast to the Gujarat riots, which was a good thought but somehow something was missing.

"Love in those eyes"

Overall, it’s a movie for the soul. It leaves you with a feel good feeling and a scent of love somewhere down the heart. It makes you believe that true love does exist beyond all barriers and it shall wait if it’s true. This one is a keeper for those who love the old charm and the sweet sensitive moments.

Performances– Shahid has done a brilliant job and I believe it’s one of his finest roles till date. He does complete justice to the role of a young Punjabi boy with his careless attitude and his Punjabi could give the Punjabi people a run for their money. He surely did a lot of homework to project am authentic Punjabi look. And he looks to-die-for in the suits and uniforms in Scotland. One can’t stop gazing at this gorgeous IAF officer and he looks the best in the white uniform. He carried the slightly matured look superbly as well.

"Yes this"

Sonam looked beautiful doing justice to the old charm look. She potrayed the emotions well as a very terrified Kashmiri girl. Her transition to the ballet dancer was brilliant. Overall there was not much for her except her emotions, which she carried pretty okay. Supriya Pathak is her usual self, an epitome of brilliance with her few scenes. The whole cast did their part just perfectly.

The Crew– The movie would be remembered for its cinematography by Binod Pradhan which is so beautifully done and you just can’t help but stare in complete awe-ness. Pankaj Kapur tried to depict a tale through this saga of love but somehow overdid at few points. He forgot that this generation is too impatient and too fond of overdone masala movies that this type of cinema would find appreciation from only a specific category of people. Though the movie could have done just without the too much detailing and close ups, and the abrupt ending. The direction was classy and some moments leave you asking for more. The costumes are overall in sync with the mood of the movie but I found the second season costumes of Shahid outshining the rest.  The hard can be seen right from the start till the end. It was a treat to watch the IAF part and the Punjab ki khushboo and the Scotland ki feel and the famous DDLJ ala Switzerland ki Euro rail.

My Verdict– ***3/4

This is my personal view  (Though I am huge Shahid fan but I’ve tried to keep it unbiased). I totally loved the feel of the movie with some strange good feeling, which asks for more. This movie is perfect for those who love the feeling of love, people who are romantics at heart. People who understand what it is to feel a movie would definitely love the movie. Don’t go by the reviews because it totally depends on a person, as this one’s a different movie. It is one of its kind. See it for your own and decide, it may change your perception of love or just leave you with some sweet moments. Go watch the movie with your loved one (true love) and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Much Love,