"Inside KOD"

Kingdom of Dreams is one of its kind Entertainment come Cultural come Food destination and more. I have been talking a lot about their state-of-the-art theatre and show Zangoora here. Since this place is no less than a landmark of India, National Geographic India did featured it in the show ‘Inside’ which basically shows how was this place made, the thought behind it and the machine controls along with how the cast and crew handle the daily pressures, overcome them and emerge as winners.

I was particularly very impressed by their coverage since they showed some insights which left me speechless. It appalled me to such an extent that next time I would like to take out time see the backstage activities and controls like if I get a chance.


The show was telecasted on the 1 year completion of Kingdom of Dreams i.e 17th September, 2011. Since there were no videos of the show, I recorded them with my HTC (720 p HD recording). You can enjoy the videos here and thereafter go watch the actualy place in Gurgaon, India.

Disclaimer- The content in these videos belong to National Geographic India. No copyright infrigment intended.

*Volume maybe a little les for this part, the rest shall be okay.

KOD is definitely a place to be on the weekend with your family, friends or just your loved one. This a place for every one. Hope you enjoyed the videos. For more info on KOD, please visit their official Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/kingdomofdreams