“I wish i could feel that beautiful feeling”

She closed her eyes only to see an unstructured picture of her dream guy. But she knew her family was conservative and things won’t ever work out. The day she entered college , she promised her parents to never let them down or break their trust. But her heart could never come to the terms. She went with a firm mind to not fall for anyone, lest she shall deceive her family. One rainy afternoon when the wind was crazy and the weather gods listened to none , amidst all the rush; a guy gave her a look that tinkled her heart. She had never felt like this before and she knew he was going to be someone special. But her mind was fixed to her parents words. She did not let her heart live the dream and the guy was left in despair after umpteen attempts. The feelings were never allowed to cross the heart. The college ended and the guy left with sad-ness. It’s been 2 years since she left college. She still feels a tingling pain in the heart and curses herself for holding back for so long. All she can feel is the emptiness, in her life; within her heart. She ends the chapter as she gets ready for her wedding with – “I wish I could feel the beautiful feeling of Love, i wish i could realize this before. Things might not have worked out, but I could try. This emptiness is haunting”. As she closes her diary, the phone buzzes with a ‘I Love You’ text from her to-be husband. She couldn’t help but just feebly smile at the phone. End. This is my first attempt at writing a short fictional story. Thanks to @Punkster101  for inspiring me in an unknown manner that helped me to jump into this story writing thing. I hope you guys enjoyed reading the story. Suggestions/ Comments / Criticism are most welcome. I am going to be regular on the blog too. Thanks for reading. Ankita.