"Children need Love"

The boy screamed – “Mom, we are leaving the house. We hate you” and shuts the door in anger, while his sister follows him. The woman sits there confused but she had other important things to care about-her social circle, her society status, her vacations. She was least bothered about her two children who grew in front of her eyes yet she never realized that they had crossed their teens. But today was different, her husband was amidst a financial crisis and her children wanted to leave the house. This pressure was very difficult for her to handle. She sat there in thought – “ We have always given every comfort to our children. Yet they always fight but this is the limit. This is just going out of hand” .

The car is called for and both the kids are ordered to get ready to go for a visit somewhere with their mother. It was something new for the driver since this was happening for the first time in the last 5 years. The woman gave the directions and the rest of the journey was spent without a word. The driver speaks – “Madame, jagah toh aa gayi hai. Par iske aage car nahin jayegi”. She motions the kids to follow her.

A 14 year old was serving people chai, a small kid was washing utensils at a tea stall; yet there was happiness on the faces and they seemed content. The woman pointed it out to her children and speaks – “ Do you even know how hard your father works to give you all the comfort. Yet all you both do is fight. Fight for food, fight for clothes and fight for every damn thing. And today you say you hate us. What do you guys want? See these children, they do not get proper education, they work for money; yet they are happy, yet they don’t have sad faces like you”. The children stood silent.

They drag their mother to a nearby jhugi (small hut) where a huge family was sitting together. They are laughing, eating the little amount food they could manage and they look genuinely happy. “Look mom, this is what you call a family”, speaks the son. He continues – “ We have always wanted love. The materialistic things don’t satiate our hunger for love. We don’t even remember the last time we all sat together or had fun. You both have been so busy in your own world that you’ve forgotten our existence, the meaning of children. Children crave for love much more than anything. We know we fought, shouted but it was all to get a reaction from you. We wanted our parents much more than those gifts. We thought you’ll understand one day but that day never came. Leaving the house was the only option left”. Tears welled up in his eyes and he rushed towards the car. His mother stood there in silence and realized her mistake. No words could fill up the space, a group hug with her children was enough to express for what she felt.

The End. 

This is a message for those who neglect their loved ones amidst their own world. Everyone craves for love, including you. Love people genuinely, it’s much more precious than anything materialistic.

Thanks for reading.