"Love.. Love.. And Love"

A look was enough,

To fall in love with you;

A smile was enough,

To get mad for you;

But this day won’t be enough,

To express my Love for you.


The tender heart did not know Love,

And then you came,

With sparkling eyes and cute looks,

Just like the guy the heart would fall for,

And one fine day,

It fell madly in love,

With this man on tv,

His powerful emotions as Sumit, his cute looks as Arjun,

His adorable smile as HuPie , his hot dance moves as Crushie.

This man was none  other than you,

You Dear Husein K, just You.


There has been no looking back,

Just love and some more love,

Crushes came, crushes went,

Love came, Love went,

But Love for you never really got bent.


On this day, your birthday;

I want to gift  you a million smiles,

Happiness galore, wishes infinite,

And success that surpasses the stars in the sky,

And just a blessed year ahead.

"Hulicious Birthday Wishes"

No words can express my love for you Dear Husein. I am sure you too know that by now. I am mad at times, sweet and funny at other times , angry too sometimes but all this time there is lots of love for you in some corner of the heart. Call me deewani, call me paagal, call me anything; I shall stick with you, I shall Love you . This is a bond that has God’s approval ala it’s the most beautiful and blessed bond. There is an invisible magical force that’s keeps my love intact for you. And the love shall continue.. till Eternity.

10 years and still counting. I am #Huseinian4Life and #Madster4Life ❤

Lots of Hugs for your special day.

Your mad fan,