A small life it is,

Where you come alone, And you go alone.

A long life it is,

When you come alone, Untill you go back alone.


The time in between is important,

From the childhood to the Old age.

This is the time, When you need that person,

The person for the lifetime.

The person who can stand by,

For all this time.


The person who you can call a chuddy buddy,

A person who is there without any complaints,

And screw your life at every point.

Someone who stands with you,

When the world tries to fuck you up,

The one who can wipe off that tear,

That the world fails to notice.

The one who can shed off the pain with care.


A person who shares your crayons,

With little hands completes the drawings.

Someone who complete your homework,

And forgets his own work.

The one who knows your secrets,

And blackmails you with them life long.

Someone who knows your latest crush,

Before you can tell them.

The one who goes out of the class,

When you are punished by the teacher.


The one who tells you stories,

To amuse you, to make you laugh.

And to wipe off those tears.

The unseen tears you have been trying to hide,

But that person knows how to abide,

And sit by your side.

Someone you can tell your crazy stories to,

And they wouldn’t just laugh,

But tease you till you go mad.


The one to be by your side,

When you have the first heartbreak.

Someone who is your brother/sister from another mother,

Yet you can kill each other for life.

A person who goes away for high school, But is still in contact.

There are letters, there are mails, And then there are Skype dates.

The bond is still strong,

Inspite of being away and all that’s not fake.

Someone who will know when you’re in love,

When your heels are not on the ground,

And you are feeling the magic of the air.


Someone who is by your side on your wedding,

And teases you until you are speechless.

Who gives the funniest names to your kids,

And you just can’t complain.

The one who would still be the same,

When you’re be on your death-bed,

And shall still joke around like it’s nothing.


I know it’s hard to find such a one,

But try, try till you tire.

Who knows God might be kind,

On you one day,

And gifts you the most precious gift,

That ONE. That ONE.

There’s no inspiration behind this poem. It’s just thoughts going their way and transforming into words. In the modern era, it is pretty difficult to find such friends, almost as hard as finding the Kohinoor diamond. But those people are lucky who get them. I have been blessed with some really good friends and I am happy.

“Friends make your life complete with their nonsense”

Hope you could relate to the poem. And it left a small smile on that face. Thanks for reading.