"The LH"

I’ve heard about the Love- Hate relationships between people. Yes, a lot of them. But having it with a mere non-living thing was weird. I’d never heard of Oreo until I visited Dubai last year. They tasted good in the ice- cream, so yeah that was the love at first sight. But how could it love me back. It had to hate me so when I tasted the actual Oreo cookies back here in India, it was like a failed relationship. I saw no point gong back to them until this particular Oreo Mc Flurry was introduced few weeks back in India.

Things got insane since few of my friends had been constantly telling me about how yummylicious it was. The love was coming back with all the memories from Dubai. I rushed to the nearest Mc Donalds outlet late at night with my sibling, all excited and enthusiastic. My love was back so I was all pepped up. Little did I know, Oreo was in no mood to be back. These people did not have oreo or for whatever lame reasons, they gave me another flavour which had chocolate bytes and claimed it as Oreo. I was so furious that I filed a complaint at their website. But I was adamant to be back to my love. The craving for the Mc flurry has been insane but couldnot get a chance to fulfill it. Though I thought of using Oreo as my cake filling. Yes so the day was set and it was the innovative Oreo Choco cake for the day.

And yet again Oreo did not fail to disappoint me. There was some major baking problems with them. My cake did not turn as good as it should’ve been. I blamed the Oreo for ruining it. I blame the dark chocolate color for ruining it. Though I still couldnot come to the terms of hating it. I actually put in some creativity and microwaved some of the mixture. Then put it in the mixer grinder and churned it. So yes I shall have Oreo Vanilla ice-cream. This love-hate relationship is first of its kind, atleast for me. Though I feel someday, it shall be total love. From both the sides.

This was a personal experience shared in a silly way. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Thanks.