"The Stages". Credit : I did this myself 🙂

Social world, the virtual world is all about meeting new people and sharing your views etc. We remember some, we forget others. Some make it into the good books, others make it to the bad books. I was just thinking about the stages which each person crosses. In this post, I am going to discuss them.

1. The Conversation – This is the phase that is encountered with every individual you meet. Every day of your life you meet a new person, in the the virtual world. You have conversations, some laughs or it may be boring with a few. Some move to the next stage, Some to the fondness stage and some are just ousted right here.

2. The Liking– After few conversations, you know of people who you like. This is the precursor stage to friendship. Whenever given a chance, you like talking to people you like. There is a certain understanding that keeps you going, though the trust is still building. This is the get to know phase.

3. The Fondness– Out of the bunch of people you like, some move into your fondness zone. You adore some of their characteristics. And most of the times, you jump on the chance of talking to them. Very few people make it to this zone but those who do are special in some or the other way.  Some may not make it to the friendship phase but you’re still fond of them.

4. The Friendship– After numerous conversations and sharing things, trust starts building in. Not the kind of trust one has on oneself or their family or old friends but the trust that’d make you want to share some of the important info about your life with them.  You help, you have fun and you just are buddies. You plan about meeting, you talk through much more means than a single social networking site.

But this is a kind of tricky phase. Some people are still at the lower phases but think they’ve made it to this phase. I’d just say – “Choose your friends wisely”.

5. Something more than Friendship- This phase can be interpreted in two ways : A close friendship or something called Love. With passing time, few people out of your friends make it to the close friends phase. They are people who get to know everything about your life that’s tell-able. You discuss all your problems with them, you take their advice and they’re the people who fill up the empty places in your life. They make your life complete with their nonsense.

The other angle is Love. Sometimes you discover that the other person has the qualities that you’d like in a person you’d  like to date. You get along well, you understand each other and the other person is just someone you’ve always wanted to have in your life. At this point you might have already met a couple of times. It’s the start of a new romantic journey.

6. The Bitching– This phase may be positive or negative for your friend and yourself. The positive aspect is when you bitch about things you both dislike and it somehow makes you both feel good. Bitching is not just a thing of girls anymore, even guys enjoy it. The negative aspect though involves you bitching about your friend behind their back and backfiring your friendship. It creates an instant rift and a very negative impression. Though it’s very common for people to bitch in a group, bitch behind your back or sly bitch or even bitch on your face. This is very common when you think of someone as a friend (2nd stage or the the boundary of 4th stage) but the other person just does not feel the same. Infact they hate you and bitch about you.

7. The ‘Get out of my Life’– Some enter this stage after the Bitching stage and others directly land here out of good-friends or the i-loved-you stage. Different people react differently to bitching. Some would silently leave, some would still try to stick by and some would turn hostile and give you back left and right. A major fight shall happen which could be done privately (mails, messengers, phone) or on the very social network you’d met; with abuses and lot of on-the-face slaps.

The other happens when a major misunderstanding or something initiates the fight between very good friends. Also, when people who thought they were in love, fight and break up. Like the above mentioned, it may happen in any way- private or public. This phase is generally very sad and should be avoided. It can be avoided only if you take time to make good friends and never let the trust break. The good part about some friendships are they remain intact even after huge fights. Somehow for them their friendship is way above than the fight.


Ultimately, it’s you who has to decide on which people to be-friend and which to ignore. I hope you had a smile while reading these stages and somehow your head nodded every time you moved to the next stages.

This one’s dedicated to all the social people in this maddening virtual world. Thanks for reading !