"The Glorious Cartoon Days"

Hip Hip Hurray, Small Wonder, I dream of Jeanie, Gummy bear, Duck Tales, Captain Planet, Tom and Jerry, Chip and Dale, Laaf-A-Lympics, Talespin, Scooby doo, Alladin, Hum Paanch and a lot of other shows defined my childhood. These names bring back a lot of good memories associated with them. The best one I can remember now is watching them with my sibling especially the cartoons on a Sunday morning. I call them the gold old golden days.

When I look at the content of television now, I am disappointed beyond words. If I start with the cartoon shows content, there are much more channels dedicated for cartoons but barring a few, nothing matches the cartoons showed back then. Each of the cartoon way back was exceptional and I even remember watching the re-runs. These cartoons had characters that were simple yet we related to them so much. They would always remain the best cartoons ever no matter how many new ones come.

Coming to Hip Hip Hurray, it is one the few youth shows that pondered upon friendship , love, school life so beautifully. Each of the character was different and brought a new dimension to the show. This is one of the show that I can watch even now and enjoy with the same intensity. I don’t think any of the youth shows has been able to match up to its level. Though there has been a show Remix which can be called the youth version at a slightly mature level.

Small Wonder and I dream of Jeanie were shows every age group of people could enjoy. There were other shows like Hum Paanch which was a comedy show. Though I feel the show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai outdid it and was a brilliant example of new age comedy. Many shows came, many shows went but these shows still add happiness to my memories.


I know a of people have been asking me for Hip Hip Hurray videos. See the link below and relive the golden memories.


Link : http://video.india.com/family-drama/full/5113/1/hip-hip-hurray-i-series-2-December-episode-7.html

Also share your childhood television memories. Which shows did you watch, you favs and any special memories. Hope you enjoyed reading this and it took you back to the childhood cartoon days !