Innocent and naïve she was,

This world was new for her,

A small town girl finally stepping into this big city.

Big dreams, a New life and New friends.

Life looked like never before.

The time passed by, people came and they left;

Some stayed, some never entered.

A special someone came,

She knew this was it, her life had meaning,

Before she could come out of the dream,

He left, too.

Bitter she had become,

Trust she had lost,

She wanted to run away from life,

She cried, she got depressed.

But hope was just not what she lost,

The girl with her dreams,

Spread her wings yet again,

And flew off.. To the land far off,

Far From her memories, locked inside;

She no longer yearned for anyone special,

All she wanted was to love Life.

Love so much that there is nothing beyond.


That girl with dreams,

Found “her” dreams yet again.