“Friendship” – seems complicated but is a very simple word. You just have to believe in the term. Being a social person that I am, I meet a lot of people everyday. Some believe in friendship while others don’t. And somehow, it’s difficult to explain to few, how it is important to have friends. One can stay alone but too much of it makes you lonely; which is not good. Listing down below are the commandments of Friendship, which I think applies to almost everybody. And they can help you make friends for Life.

  1. Develop Trust – Even if you don’t want to, invest in a little trust. Trust may not come on the 1st day, let it grow on its pace and blossom the relationship.
  2. No Expectations– The word seems good but does a lot of harm. Especially when your friendship is simply budding, do not expect much. You may hurt the beautiful bond. Keep expectation but not so much that the other person feels burdened.                                    
  3. Communication – The main key to friendship. E-mails, Calls, Texts, Social networking sites; use any medium but communicate. Even a simple I miss you makes a huge difference. Talking is the key, be it after a week or a month.
  4. Be a source of Motivation– One relies on friends for the push in their life. Motivate your friends, which would make them feel special and wanted. You increase the intensity of your bond and help someone too.
  5. Care– This is one of the most important qualities of this bond. Like you care for yourself or your health or technology, care for your friends too. Nobody said to look after them 24/7, but it is important that you are always in the loop about their life. It comes naturally after a while.
  6. Be Straightforward– This quality exists in very few friendships since the other one gets hurt. But people who understand and matter shall stay. It’s always better to say things on face rather than going around in circles.
  7. The Thought Process– Try to be a little patient and understanding with your friends. Just keep yourself in their shoes and look at the problem; you might look at things with a different perspective. Things might be more pleasant than you think.
  8. Arguments don’t mean Dislike– No two people are similar, so their thoughts cannot match regarding every aspect. Even if there is an argument, you don’t need to confuse it with disliking or hate or think negative about the other person. Every friendship has its lows (which includes arguments) so just learn to brush them off.
  9. Learn to give Space– Many people forget that friendship is not about being with the person 24/7. It’s very important to give space and let them enjoy their alone time too.
  10. Just not having Fun– The last has to be that friendship is a lot of fun, masti, leg pulling, teasing and just having a blast. But it should not be only this. One should try and share their problems too. Who knows which friend might be able to give you a problem, nobody else could.

It is not possible to follow all of these with everyone or be conscious when you’re making friends. Friendship is just about being self and spreading smiles. So make friends, lots of them (only genuine ones, you don’t need fake people around you). Make sure you cherish this special bond of friendship !