“Pata hai, Yahan se bahut door, Galat aur sahi ke paar, Ek maidan hai. Main wahan milunga tujhe”

It’s not just a movie; it’s a journey of a man, of passion and of a third dimension Music. It’s a journey where you identify with some parts; disagree with others, all the while drowning you in the sea of music. Another love story by Imtiaz Ali, yet so different from his earlier movies. He is a man who knows how to deliver emotions right till your heart, and exactly when to strike the chords. The movie revolves around a very common guy Janardhan Jhakar/ JJ who wants to make it big in music like Jim Morrison but realizes it was never what he wanted. This man doesn’t understand Love but when he does, his woman has moved on to follow the “morally correct path”. On the other hand is this woman, who doesn’t really know what she wants and when she knows, she choses to the wrong path. Rockstar is magical music weaved in this confusion, desperation, love and destiny.

It takes you through a tale where Love is what’s constant. The protagonists meet each other in a college setting where our JJ goes on to propose the leading lady Heer Kaul (played by Nargis Fakhari) just because she is the Heart breaker machine. Out of innocence and their quest to try out all the wrong things, which are supposedly fun, they move on a road to friendship, which actually is a road towards Love. This gives rise to Miss “Jungli Jawani” and “Jordan”- People who love each other yet are on their own roads to reach their respective destinations. The first half of the movie takes you through an array of locations, emotions, fun, innocence, passion and Love which is yet unexplored. However, the second half of the movie loses pace and time though the music totally makes up for everything. The story goes haywire, yet it holds you and leaves a strong impression.

Coming to performances, Ranbir Kapoor proved that he is much more than the flamboyant casanova. He proves himself that he is the real rockstar, thereby carrying the whole movie on his performance alone. His transformation from an innocent college guy JJ to an international rockstar icon Jordan is phenomenal. The amount of hard work put in for the emotions depicted, for the intensity, for the maturity presented takes you on a ride. However, Nargis Fakhari just adds glamour quotient to the movie and nothing much can be said about her acting skills. She goes from the college hottie to a feeble lady, and she does justice to it. The news reporter Aditi Rao gives an average performance as well. Shammi Kapoor brings an element of peace and the point of brilliance comes when he is playing the instrument.

Now talking about the essence of the movie, MUSIC. A.R Rahman and Mohit Chauhan have created something historical with this album. And yet the album does not do justice to what you feel through the movie. There were times when I froze and I felt heaven was right there. The music has been very beautifully used in bits and parts and one feels like they’re watching a musical. Not a single song looks out-of-place and Mohit Chauhan does complete justice to Ranbir’s voice (Honestly, he does justice to any star. His voice is silk, like real silk). Though, the high point for me was the ending tracks. I simply loved how they mixed Tum Ko and Tum Ho together and how it depicted pain, loss and love at the same time. Also, Katiya karun adds a flavour of naughtiness and brings a very positive vibrance to the whole experience. Irshad Kamil deserves a mention too for the brilliant , heart rendering, calmness-inducing lyrics. Some of the shots captured by the director are note worthy. The Nizamuddin dargah gives a very sufi touch to the movie which add a poetic touch too (This was the same place where Jordan connects with God through his music), the Kashmir snow and beauty adds a lot of romance to the whole setting and the stage shows by Jordan adds a lot of strength and feel to the movie.

If you love music, you will love the movie. Yes, music is what makes this film worth watching. And if you like peace, thoughts, serenity, innocence; this movie is going to leave a strong impression on you. Go watch it to experience a world beyond words, beyond the real world. I was not too excited for the movie (Yes, I was not) but the movie impressed me on various levels. Imtiaz Ali has successfully delivered a product with a semi-weak foundation packaged with brilliance, which totally makes it worth. Definitely worth a watch! A special thanks to a dear friend @Against_Pseudos for his fine inputs 🙂

Rating- 4.25/5 (Mohit Chauhan’s voice earns the extra 0.5 points)