What is Life? A simple process of  birth, living Life and death. Seems very simple, yet it’s a complicated process right from the start till the very end. Everyone goes through the same process, yet no two people will have the same life. As they say, Create a Life that people would remember you for. Found a very interesting quote on the same, which I thought to share on the blog.

What we need to do is, create a unique Book of Life. As the time passes, keep improving oneself and create yourself, into something, that people would want to learn from. If you have not yet started, start today. Make a unique book that people would read from, for the decades to come. Even if they don’t, it’ll make you happy at the end of your Life 🙂

Be creative, be colorful & keep smiling while you pen down your book of Life !!


P.S- It’s so good to be back to writing after so long 🙂