“Love cannot be defined, it can only be felt. In those heartwarming messages, soft hugs & passionate kisses”

Love- an emotion we feel towards very few people in our life. These diaries are a set of “fictional situations/stories” to potray the feeling of love & bring about a lesson with them. I shall also try to share some real life stories from people. At times, hearts break & other times broken hearts are mended by this very emotion. It’s said to be one of the strongest ever emotions which can heal a tormented person & which can hurt a happy person.

People say one should feel this emotion atleast once in their life. “It’s better to have lost in love than to never have felt it”. Attraction, Crush, Love- all very different from each other yet all have a similarity between them — > You’re happy even without a reason for a moment.

I shall try to bring out all sides of love through the “Love Diaries” project. Stay tuned & fall in love, yet again !