It was his birthday. He was waiting for her call. He didn’t love her but enjoyed her company. He wanted her to be the first one to wish him,  wanted to party with her & make it a memorable day like he’s been doing for the past 5 years.

12:00 am- No call, no texts.

He waited for another 2 hours but was disappointed. He slept with the phone in his hand expecting her to call.

All through the day, he got a lot of birthday wishes from everyone except her. Did she forget or is she playing a prank on me, he thought?

At 8pm, he logs in to his Facebook & sees that she was out with a guy all day. He hurriedly texts her to come to their favourite Ice cream parlour in 30 minutes.

I love you D. I know I’ve been a fool all these years. But how could you go out with him when it was my birthday. You know I am a loser when it comes to expressing emotions, you should have understood by the way I treat you, by the way I look at you, by the way I care for you.

She wanted to laugh & exclaim her happiness, but all she could do was hug him. She was happy to have him, for life. The hug felt different & special.

Love- Love will find a place, if not now, tomorrow, or someday. True love is togetherness & fondness, and being thankful for just that 1 person in your life.