His heart was walked over by someone he loved more than his life. She left him for a guy who partied every night. He had shut the doors of his heart & wrote about his feelings in a diary.

She found the diary in a library. With every page, she found herself falling in love with his words. She thought- How do I find this guy? I will heal his heart without expecting anything. I will fill his life with love & instill in him a reason to live. She met him the next day while he was trying to find his diary on the same table. He took the diary & quickly left, hoping she had not read it; for she would think of him as a loser. They met everyday & she tried to talk to him. He slowly opened to her but maintained a distance. He didn’t realize it but he was happier than before. She would meet him everyday, crack jokes, know about his life, tell him about her project, share music, give him movie recommendations & in the entire process, transformed him bit by bit. His writing in the diary started changing. He wrote about happy things & she knew her work was done. There was no love involved, yet a feeling of oneness bonded them. He came to the library, only to find a letter which read-

“I am going back to my country. Stay happy & meet me if you ever come here. Start beleiving in love, for love shall find you again. You deserve all the happiness in this world. I love you my friend, now & forever.”

This letter filled his heart with love & life. And he started living yet again.

Love- Love finds you in unexpected ways. At times, not to stay, but to make your life beautiful & to teach you to live again